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Issues with chat and the troops menu (xbox one)

I hope someone reads these. I’ve mentioned one of these issues before. These are somewhat minor and it would be a pain to do a bug report for each of these, plus I don’t have any good method of taking a picture of my screen as they request.

The first issue involves chat. I don’t know if it’s lag or if it crashes. I’m usually in guild chat. Occasionally I try to post and it doesn’t appear to be sent or I hit the left bumper to go to general chat and it stays in guild chat. I’ve been disconnecting and reconnecting to chat when this occurs.

The next issue I’ve mentioned before and was around in the previous version as well as this one. In the troops menu, if you sort by Upgradable, the categories shown are incorrect. For example, if you’re sorting alphabetically, when you move the cursor, the first letter in the troop name pops up in the upper right. With the upgradable sort, when you move the cursor to a traitable troop, the word “Ascendable” pops up in the upper right. When you move to a troop that can neither be traited, nor ascended, the word “Traitable” is shown.

The final bug I’m bringing up I noticed today for the first time, also involving the troops menu. I had been suspicious when I saw how many extra copies of troops I had after ascension, although it might have been simply because I had thought they were base legendary, which I would have noticed receiving so few, rather than epic. However, after sorting my troops by amount, I did notice one discrepancy. I had 51 Parrots, which were not shown as ascendable. Once I went into the upgrade menu, I was able to ascend it to mythic just fine.

So no one else has experienced these? Just me? I think I found how to add screenshots from the xbox here, so I can at least show the second bug. I’ve already ascended the parrot so I can’t show that. And there’s nothing I can really show for the first.


Ancient Golem is clearly mythic and not ascendable.