Troop ready forAscendance list

Can we have that in our search filter please on Xbox?

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You can do that easily. Just look up upgradable cards. Ascendable show first

The problem is the fitler doesn’t work half the time. For some reason it won’t always put every card that needs to be ascended to the top. I’ve seen countless times that it puts 5 or 6 cards to be ascended up there and the rest with traits to be upgraded. Upon scrolling down a few pages you’ll run across more cards that are ready to be ascended. Its a bug.

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The problem is not that it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work the way that we want it to. It will sort first by troops that can be ascended AND can be traited, then it will list troops that can be traited (but not ascended), then it will list troops that can be ascended (but not traited), then it lists everything else. Personally I find this annoying and wish it would list everything that could be ascended at the top so I’m all for either a standalone “ascendable” sort option or to alter the current “upgradable” sort option so that all ascendable troops list first.


Yup second this as the troops don’t pop up half the time saying they can be traited/ascended. Also need filters for double mana colours too!

Interesting, as I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem. I’m currently in the part of the game where if I get a good chunk of keys, I get a lot of troops ascended to mythic. Today for example, I sorted by “upgradable” and got about 10 troops that could be ascended and traited, 1 troop that was only ascendable, and then all my troops that can be only traited.

I will say that I’ve never scrolled down to see if there were more troops the game didn’t sort correctly, but I’ve never seen any in my Ashtender collection that I missed. Seems to be working fine for me.