The real mythics, are the commons


first off the problem I am discussing is only an issue because you have made a very popular game that has lasted long enough to start seeing these issues arise. The issue of course is the diluted troop pool at low rarities. There are currently 58 commons and 61 rares in the game. To lvl a common to mythic you need 190 copies. To lvl a rare to mythic you need 90 copies.

During the last kingdom event I used 6000 gold keys and the highest rarity I could get Silver Drakon too was epic. The same was also true with one of the rares (the other reached legendary).

This problem is going to compound every time we add a new common to the pool. At the moment, it is SUBSTANTIALLY easier to get an ultra rare, or legendary to mythic than the commons and rares.

Commons should be the first cards that new players get to mythic, but as it is now, it will be the last one. There is already coding in the game that would fix this problem.

Use the guardian system found in guild chests, as commons reach 4x mythic they are removed from the troop pool. Making it more likely to find troops you actually need.

I disenchanted 4000 troops that I didn’t need from those gold keys alone.

That was 90,000,000 gold in keys (obviously 50 keys is worth less than 15k gold, but you get my point).

Please do something before the next kingdom comes out.




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I understand your complaint but speaking as someone that is level 1100, the common cards (even when leveled to mystic) are mostly worthless at the end game. Almost all of my original common cards are now mystic with the exception of the new elf kingdom and guild cards.

Honestly, I would guess there are probably only about 20 cards the dominate the entire meta of the end game;

Bone Dragon is probably the number on right now. Other include; Queen Mab, Courage, Manticore, Wraith, Famine, Jarl Firemantle, Mercy, Valkyrie.

So even if you manage to get these common cards to mystics in the long run you won’t be using them much anyways.

Maybe the cards should become more powerful to reward the fact that you had to save up so many copies to get them to mystic.

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in my experience, in general, commons are the easiest to become mythic because gold keys are easy to get. even though there are a lot of common in the game, i still manage to get new common to mythic quite fast when the are available in chest.

ultra-rare, however, only a select few get to mythic fast due to event keys.

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The group of ppl they are NOT worthless too are going to be lvl’d far before they become useful. And if for some reason o…I need to get a kingdom to 5 stars, my only hope is to spend 10k gold keys? I don’t think that is working as intended.

Thanks for the link, ready through the thread, good to hear they are doing something about mythics. But I am not sure that helps with this discussion


I call bs, Ultra rares are the easier to get to mythic by far next to legendaries (both because of event keys). I have used over 25k gold keys since the bomb bot event and it is still a legendary (30 left I think). .

Commons are very tedious and expensive to get to Mythic for late-game players who already have most Commons at Mythic. For the “first” set (when you are still working on most of your troops) it doesn’t feel too bad because you’re spreading the progression across dozens of Commons. If you’ve only got 2-3 Commons left to level, you have to go through a lot of chaff to get at the wheat (tens of thousands of chests if memory serves); and the task gets harder with each new Common that is released.

Since most Commons are ignorable, this is only an issue when attempting to reach kingdom power level thresholds. Most notable is 5* with 8 troops, a common scenario with newly-released kingdoms (currently Blackhawk and Silverglade, both of which have desirable bonus stats). This requires all troops in the kingdom to be Mythic, level 20, and fully traited.


Best way to mythic common is to buy them in glory pack when they are released for the first time you get 3x for 250 glory

Sirrian never said it would only be for Mythics, though, since it isn’t something they have in the works yet, there is nothing concrete.

Except that doesn’t work for Commons released at the same time as their kingdom, which are the most valuable type (aside from the odd Bombot and Wraith), for the aforementioned 5*.


I’ve been saying this for about a year now. Commons Are The Least Common.

Its fixed slightly with the guild task rework, since its got way more Gold Keys and the gigantic amount of Common-less Glory Keys is largely no more, but its still extremely annoying to deal with from a collector’s point of view.

I get it’s annoying, but should veteran players really have the expectation to max out every new troop on the day it’s released?

I’d love to be able to 5* blackhawk and silverglade, but the fact that I can’t do so yet at least makes gold keys still slightly interesting to spend


Hence my Kingdom Chest idea…

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the problem is that commons are hundreds of times harder to get to mythic than epics, legendaries, and ultra-rares because of event chests. Its beyond frustrating to use 10000 keys just to get 190 of the same card, and the likelihood is that you wont even be able to do it at 10k keys. Disenchanting upwards of 7000 troops while looking for a few measly commons is infuriating. Also as more kingdoms get added the harder it will be to target any troops in particular since rotations are going to be more drawn out. Eventually this will effect the higher rarities but not for at least another year.

would love the kingdom chest idea you suggested (I think it requires two of the appropriate key to get 1 troop of the desired kingdom? Even better, make it your home kingdom…that way ppl use more than just whitehelm lol.

If I were making it, I’d set it at 5x for a specific kingdom version, or 2x if it is that week’s event. With epic-mythic 100% from kingdom and common-ultra at 75/25. So if you spend 1000 gold keys on Silverglade you get 200 Silverglade gold chests. 50% of gold chests are commons so you get 100 commons, and those are split so 75 are Silver Dakon and rest are random commons.

MUCH better than now, where 1000 gold keys = 500 commons = about 10 of each.

been suggested before