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I’m curious as to the design philosophy behind Mythics. It feels like there’s a one-week “possible” period when they’re first released, and then basically an infinite void of “impossible.” I think this contributes to the perception that, for people who really want a Mythic, they must attach themselves to a top-tier guild in order to even get the dice to roll those long odds before the window closes.

In other words, it feels like there’s a large gulf between Legendaries, that a player in a small guild has a reasonable shot at acquiring without much assistance, and Mythics, that become “trophies” for the hardcore players only.

To me, it’s just a matter of numbers, but the impression I get when reading other peoples’ grievances is that the introduction of Mythics is what really pushed the game from “guilds are encouraged” to “a high-perfornance guild is mandatory.” (At least for the collectors/completionists out there.)


So much this.

I know you guys can’t flood the game economy with free resources. However, the pool of troops is getting so large that targeting anything at endgame feels like you are swimming against a current. It would be great to have some sort of targeting ability for gold and glory chests. Perhaps it could be groupings based on release date or some other category.



Yep, that’s a big part of it. The chances (and avenues) to get Mythics seem so remote that it becomes a perception that only volume will help. Whether it bears out or not in actual drops, the fact that Mythics are dropping from Legendary tasks dramatically increases their importance to people like me that only need those Mythics. The difference between 2 or 3 tasks a week and 15 or 20 is HUGE then.


On the topic of Mythics, I want to be clear I’m not opposed to spending money, although that’s just me. For me, it’s more that the $50 Path bundles could leave me with one of the 3 Mythics I already have. I can only speak for myself but I would buy Path to Glory YESTERDAY if there was no chance I would get a duplicate. If I were guaranteed to get one of the ones I was missing, I would pay the $50 no problem. That being said, I’m not sure I could stomach paying $50 for all 6 of the current ones I’m missing so fixing the Path bundles isn’t the only answer. However, it’s certainly something that needs to be looked at.


I know I mentioned in a previous thread that once a Mythic becomes “old” enough after initial release, it should be made obtainable in the Shop for either an obscene amount of Glory or even IRL money. If the Path to Glory bundle allowed one to choose their Mythic after the 30 days of traitstones I could see a lot more people deciding to part with their cash.

EDIT: I would also make a Shop Mythic (especially if glory) a one-time purchase, plus it won’t show up in the shop if you already have a copy. Just to prevent easy 4x troll teams…

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My first reaction was to say Path to Glory does not need to allow you to select the mythic, but just guarantee one that you do not already own. BUT, the problem then would be if somebody drops the $$$ to purchase 1 copy of all Mythics then they would not be able to benefit from future PtG.

SO, perhaps you should get the choice at the end, that way somebody that really wants that second Famine can get it… after all they are paying $50… a Mythic of your choice, or a AAA console game… seems more than reasonable. :wink:


I’m veering off the topic of guild wars here entirely… and this is NOT a promise of a feature!
But it seems to me that we really need a crafting system of sorts where you can target something that you need, and at least see a clear path of how to work towards getting it.

I know we’ve talked quite a bit about that here in the office, and I feel the solution to the problem might lie somewhere in there.


*insert shia lebeouf clapping meme here


THIS! THIS! THIS! Literally brought tears to my eyes!! :joy:

As an active, end-gamer, beginning to feel the burnout, I can tell you it is EXACTLY because I feel I have no control over targeting the items I desire for completion. Those requirements can be insane, which forum goers have stated time and again, but just being able to “see a clear path” settles an end-gamers mind SO much!! :wink:

I know its not a PROMISE, but know you have my FULL SUPPORT @Sirrian!!!


@Sirrian, I will bolster @htismaqe’s story with my own, as I feel I’m in a similar boat. Recently I left a top 20 guild that I was in for a year because I felt I could not keep up with the requirements. My life is busy, I can’t spend hours a day playing. I accepted the consequences of my guild deciding they wanted to be more competitive, and I ceded my spot so that someone else with more time to burn could give them more of a boost.

I do like my new guild, which is sub-200 ranked, but the resources I get are less, straight up. I knew it going in, but I felt I had no choice due to the constraints life puts on it right now. Said constraints also prevent me from spending real money, though I am not opposed to it and have in the past.

I am missing 4 mythics. At this point, there is very little chance that I can reliably get any of the new ones as they come out. I have to rely on RNG, and as we all know, it will get worse as time goes on. As someone who has played for 2+ years, I am not wanting for much else (old weapons etc), but it is a little frustrating that the mythics seem so remote. I am sure that there are plenty of players without my extensive history of play who have much less than I do to work with, and feel even more behind and left out.

I understand RNG and it’s reasoning, and I’m not expecting free handouts of premium content. I’m not sure what a middle ground might be here, but there are definitely times that I feel like I’m a lower-class citizen of Krystara. I’m sure reading the forums doesn’t help some days… (j/k :heart: you all)


I’m happy to hear about targeting the missing cards…

I have 1 base mythic, after thousands of keys and gem/vip chests… while others have 10+ copies and used the same number of keys.


Just to add to the comments above, I’d be in full support of some sort of mechanism that would allow you to remove some troops from the drop pool to address some of the issues mentioned. This would help players at all stages of the game - beginners could target troops they don’t have, end gamers could target troops they haven’t mythic’d yet…perhaps allow you to mark base mythic troops you already have to make them less likely to drop. Devs would have to come up with a way to make this not as powerful as it sounds where you can just systematically hunt down every troop you don’t have right away, but at the same time change the odds so it feels like there is some improvement.

@Sirrian Maybe you could make it so during a particular event week, you could select troops you don’t want to drop with event keys, up to a max where at least 1 of any given rarity remains unselected. For instance if the event was Whitehelm, you could select to remove Moloch or Celestasia from the drop pool, but not both, and then guarantee if you got a legendary card it would be the one you are looking for. Same with Epics, URs, etc where you could eliminate all but 1 from the drop pool. This would allow you to focus on only getting copies of troops you need, while only going 1 kingdom at a time so it wouldn’t be incredibly OP…just floating ideas out there…in any case I hesitate to request new content when there are so many bugs out there…I’d rather have the devs fix existing bugs before going in to new features.


I think targeting a specific Kingdom would be cool.


Like being able to craft a troop for 1000x its disenchant cost. 5000 souls for a common, 100000 souls for a legendary. Increase mythic disenchant value to 250 or even 500 so they cost 250000 to 500000 to make.


Lord, yessssssss…


that gif, haha… :sweat_smile:

I almost spilled my tea when I read it. :sweat_smile:


so like… if someone wants to continue dropping for PtG to get one of each Mythic… there’s no reason to not reset it when they have one of each…

because that would happen once every… 2 or 3 years?

I was forgetting that PtG is a 30 day sub, and they are now releasing a mythic a month. If they keep this format then just guaranteeing a mythic you do not have will suffice because there will always be a new Mythic dropped while on your current PtG, but if they ever reach a stopping point with troops… THEN… :wink:

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I know we currently have the Event Keys, which basically are Kingdom specific Gem Keys. What if we have an Event Chest system where all of the regular (Gold, Glory, Gem, VIP) had a Kingdom-specific version? That way if someone wanted to chase commons (or VIP Mythic) during the appropriate Event Week they could do so.
Don’t know if we want to add other types of Event Keys though, might get too “cluttered” for lack of a better term. Perhaps replace the current Event Key drops with a new resource (Event Gems are already taken but you get the idea) that you can use to cash in for the appropriate level of Event Key you want. The higher the key level the more of that resource you need.

And perhaps this topic should be diverted to a new thread before we completely derail from Guild War discussion…

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