1.0.8: need troops +1 to sacrifice? UPDATE: yes!

So I’m still confused. For ascending troops you need several to sacrifice. Apparently the rate is 5 to 1. However, some have stated here that you need 1 extra copy of a troop, because after all you need a troop to ascend. On the other hand you can reason that by sacrificing 5 troops you sort of MERGE these into a new, higher rarity troop.

The issue is coming up now, because I am going to buy The Anointed One, and need to know whether I need 5 or 6 copies.

For the latter theory I think I have found proof, because in the preview video you can see that Goblins are forged into a rare Goblin. For that FIVE are used, not six. QA Cat starts with 131 Goblins and afterwards there are 126 left (arrow pointing from 131 to 126 in the video, at 1:26; 126 rare Goblins at 1:43).

Devs willing to shed a light on this? @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @CrowdedWorlds?

So, yes, you do need the extra one.

If you have 6 Anointed Ones, you can sacrifice 5, and the last remaining one with become Legendary.
If you had 16, you’d be able to get him to Mythic

Oh, man…
15 Epic to Mythic is insane…

thanks! Unfortunately I can’t afford sixteen of them haha.

You mean 16*140= 2240 glory is insane? Yes…

It’s not that insane, I’ll have enough glorry by the end of the week to buy 16 of them, just play enough and you’ll get it too.

I’m not talking about this event epic troop. I mean those event epic troops in the past…
They are impossible to become Mythic…

Play what? How did you farm glory? Maybe maps… Or defense win, haha.

I also see how I got confused. Of course it would have been easier to see if I started out with 6 in stead of 131 for reasoning this out… Honestly, I got very good grades for maths in school, although you might think otherwise after my stupid calculation here. :smile:

Every monster from previous events will be available in chests at some point. So yeah it will be hard, but it’s a mythic card not a common one :smile:

Seems like you forgot tributes.

Yeah, I know. But it’s still unfair for those who played for a long time…
For old players, they need to make Mythic troops ASAP, but some epic troops, you know, they’re impossible… :frowning:

In fact, all previous epics & legendaries (including the Anointed one, but excluding seasonal Imps) will immediately go into glory/gem chests in 1.0.8

Not all NEW content in 1.0.8 will appear immediately in glory/gem chests though, just content prior to 1.0.8.


Ah so you call “playing” the fact to click on one icon every hour, my mistake ;-).
No really I don’t understand your point of view: we talk about 2240 glory. Not 200. So yes sometimes I gain 20 glory with tribute but not so much (all kingdoms lvl 10 and use Whitehelm as home kingdom). My current stock is 4000 glory and… that’s all.
You really gain so much glory by week? I’m not a smartphone player so I cannot connect every hour…

You just made my day! Now how about weapons? I need a staff of madness!

Interesting, so as my collection stands I can get Mythic Rowane, Brian, Finley, Keghammer, Sparkgrinder, Tau & Gloomleaf, Jarl, Kerberos, Orion.

Well yeah but part should come from clicking every hour xD
If collected literally every hour glory could be almost completely collected just from tributes (for 16 epics). Depends on luck tho. + when the last week event finish we receive rewards based on our rankings, and we all started this week event with at least 200 glory (from that reward) if all other glory was spent on other stuff.

@Sirrian - Oh sweet, that actually helps a lot. For some reason I still only have one Shadow Hunter, getting those other ones that are as yet not in chests would have sucked otherwise.

Still waiting on that time machine for the mass disenchant and my 20-something Gorgothas.

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You and me both. I would have been able to make a bunch of the current legendaries mythic…le sigh…

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“You will never need more than 4 of a troop” – tip that’s still in-game at this writing. :frowning: