Not in Chests - a list of troops

The following troops are currently not in chests:

Glory Rewards

    Dokkalfar - Reward from 12th July 2015

    Swamplash - Reward from 27th July 2015

    Goblin Rocket - Reward from 10th August 2015

    Elf Eater - Reward from 24th August 2015

    Faunessa - Reward from 21st September 2015

    Fenrir - Reward from 5th October 2015

    Skeleros - Reward from 19th October 2015

    Salamander - Reward from 2nd November 2015

    Green Slime - Reward from 16th November 2015

    Anointed One - Reward from 14th December 2015

All above troops will be added to glory/gem chests with the 1.0.8 Update (source)

On average troops are added to chests just under 5 months after being introduced as a reward.

Seasonal Imps:

Seasonal Imps should be available every year for 3 months each:

The current Imp is Winter Imp.

Spring Imp should appear March 2016,

Summer Imp should return to chest June 2016.

Autumn Imp should reappear in September 2016.

Hope that helps some people with troop availability confusion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder. Must be very useful for begginers.
Devs should add this list (updated) in the weekly news ;-).

Thanks (for following up). Still missing spider queen and giant spider and those units are supposed to be available in chests, right…

Giant Spider was added recently. Spider Queen has been in for a long while. I have gotten both from chests (Spider Queen many times).

Added Skeleros to list.
Adjusted some of my estimates since Green Seer did not get added to chests today.

Once a troop is added to a chest, are they sometimes taken out for a certain amount of time, or are they in there for good? And not just Glory Award characters but non glory characters as well.

The only troops that get disappear for a time from chests are the Seasonal Imps. Each Imp is only available from chests during their season. Currently that’s the Autumnal Imp, who replaced the Summer Imp.

Ok good. I’m trying to level up all my kingdoms to level 10 and I was worried that some of the epics and legendaries that I need wouldn’t be in there.

No need to worry :smile:
Other than the seasonal imps, troops only get added to chests, not removed :slight_smile:

Adjusted the numbers a bit again.
Bone Dragon will most likely be added to chests on Monday. So if you missed him, save your keys for a couple of days :wink:

I was expecting there to be six Imps in the cycle, not four… One of each colour you see…

That would rather muddle up the maths…

They are planning more imps than the 4.
Personally I had expected a purple Halloween imp.
I am working on the devs. Why do you think I keep posting about imps :wink:

Unfortunately 1.0.7 and PAX occurred around Halloween so we weren’t able to do anything this year.

That’s ok. I couldn’t care less about imported hollidays anyway :slight_smile:

Let’s have a brown/red thanksgiving imp that had a gravy power!

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The more the impier.

Bone dragon was added this morning

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Yup, I was waiting for the event to reset to update the post and then forgot :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder!

Removed Terraxis from list as he is being added to chests with the Hammer Time Event.

Added Sirrian’s information that all outstanding troops will be added to chests with the 1.0.8 update (PC/Mobile version)

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