Keep keys before patch 1.0.8 ...?


Definitely keep the keys until 108 hits.

Post patch you can get Traitstones, which will be greatly needed…


I’m missing 15 legendaries and a number of epics. I’m thinking its better for me to spend my gems on magic keys before the patch hits. Thoughts?


Yes, if your priority is to get those troops then my instinct (absent the devs sharing the statty tables, which isn’t going to happen) is that you crack open the magic keys now…

Post 108, all keys will generate loads of other stuff, not just troops, so there’ll be more noise, and I guess lower chance of getting those sought after legendaries…

But if you want to be able to upgrade them, you’ll need the other resources, and the traitstones… so tough call![quote=“IVIMarkIVI, post:14, topic:1771”]
and a number of epics

Missing Epics? note that some you can get from the quests (assume you have all those?) and some that were event troops might not yet be in chests yet…


Barbearus, Cthyrzyzyzy, Dokkalfar, Elf Eater, Ice Witch, Swamplash, Tankbot, Terraxus are all missing. Not sure which are avaiable and which are not, but I doubt all of them are currently unavailable via chests.


Well, bought my 40 magic keys and used them. Got Tau; no other epics or legendaries. So that’s that!


Got a list of those not in chests here:


Oops… bad luck… sorry that the RNG didn’t help you based on my advice!


Something else

in the next patch (1.0.8): 1gold key = 300 gold
actually 1 iron key = 1 000 gold
convert: 1 iron key => 1 glory key + 2 gold key = 20 glory + 600 gold

patch 1.0.8: 450 gems = 50 gems key
actually 450 gems = 40 magic key
convert: 50 magic => 50 x ( 1 gems key + 2 gold key) = 450 gems +30000 gold

Will you convert your gold into iron key before patch …?
And for gems convert into magic…?

let’s see what you think


I made this topic to help the communauty to do the right choice, pease let’s us your opinion and your advise :smile:


[quote=“Mitheithel, post:8, topic:1771, full:true”]
It also seems like getting some of the new materials would be worth it, as you can’t get them in other ways. [/quote]

Sirrian told me at PAX that traitstones will also randomly drop during gameplay, much like iron keys do now.

Completely agree.

Subject to the next two preview parts, I’m going to keep my keys and gems for post-1.0.8. I’ll get fewer chances at missing troops but more traitstones sooner. so I’ll be able to craft more passive abilities on my favourite troops sooner.


You mean with a neglectable rate? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you mean a negligible rate, then yes, that’s the impression I got. :smile:


We’ll be tinkering with that rate after it goes live… currently it’s set around 1 traitstone every 2 battles


Presumably with some RNG distribution for rarity so there’s a much smaller chance of a really good traitstone?


Maybe a stupid question, but how in the world do you get all those dozens of keys from, do you buy most of them by gold? Im new, so dont offend me.


Random chance when matching in battle, 2 keys per 8 wins in arena, or the most famous way, guild tasks!

These are three easy ways of earning Iron Keys without directly spending gold on them. Though the guild task way is negotiable in that sense.

(There’s also maps, but no one does those. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Keep irons, use magics.


A high paced, highly organized guild can easily pump out 60+ Keys per week through Guild Tasks.


A low paced, poorly organized guild can hardly pump out 6 keys per week since the kingdom level reworking.


Tacet will you be doing a stream opening 1000 keys again? :stuck_out_tongue: