Keep keys before patch 1.0.8 ...?

A topic to exchange opinions and everyone’s ideas on the use of magic and iron keys before or after the patch 1.0.8

For my part I really hesitate .
I miss him always two legendary and I don’t have some double or more creatures for sacrifice
Actually we get three creatures in each box, after a single .
the converstion of the keys seems correct …
real Dileme

Since event keys will increase the chance to get the specific legendaries I am missing, I think I’ll safe my keys until the change, as I’ll be “hunting for troops” through completely different keys anyway.

Keep them for the patch IMO. If what I was seeing in the preview was accurate, if the chest turns into something that isn’t a troop… it seems to be of higher intrinsic value than a mere duplicate turned into souls. For instance, a Gold Chest was fielding 22~, Glory Chest was 53~ - compared to one COMMON (5 souls) or one RARE (10 souls) respectively.

Regardless of what those numbers turn out to be, I can only assume that the new system will be better than the current one. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting it, would we…

I think I’ll just keep cashing in my keys for the extra troop copies now. The resources flow freely enough in this game that I can earn a good number of the new keys quickly. I’m looking to have a solid stockpile of as many multiple troops as I can, because of the multiple copies → Mystic conversion from the 1.0.8 spoiler thread.

I do plan to try and save gems, because of the “VIP” and “event” keys.

Another reason it could be changing is they need a more flexible way to monetize the game. This is the best free-to-play game, since there is very little reason to spend money. Giving other key options may provide a way for people who want to support the game with dollars to feel they get more in exchange.

The event chests will have an increase chance to give you troops from one kingdom but:

  1. we don’t know how much this chance is improved
  2. not sure if the x4 for legendary drop is also applied
    Maybe the video gave some clues. When Sirrian opened 50 event chests you can see that he received 15 berserks + 2 keghammer so let’s assume it was a Stormheim week: 34% to obtain one troop of the weeky kingdom. And no legendary troop…

I will keep my keys, if nothing else for curiosity. When the new system comes out, I will want to know what happens when you open a new key… It also seems like getting some of the new materials would be worth it, as you can’t get them in other ways.

The only other thing I’d say is, if you’re on the fence about spending your keys now vs after patch, wait at least for the preview part 2! I suspect that it will have more info about the troop upgrade system. Knowing more about that will help us decide if having more troops is beneficial or not.

I think it boils down to what you have and what you need

If you already have 9+ of every white and 8+ of every green, save your keys. You’ll be able to use the new keys to get things better than more duplicates.

If you don’t already have all that, use your keys. You’ll get more troops from current keys than from new ones, allowing you to fill out your roster and have enough duplicates for the upgrade process.

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I am only missing two legendaries at the moment, so the future traitstones will likely be more valuable to me than a .01% chance of getting one of the couple troops I am missing now.

Imagine the emergence of a new kingdom before the establishment of the patch…
what will you do?



Definitely keep the keys until 108 hits.

Post patch you can get Traitstones, which will be greatly needed…

I’m missing 15 legendaries and a number of epics. I’m thinking its better for me to spend my gems on magic keys before the patch hits. Thoughts?

Yes, if your priority is to get those troops then my instinct (absent the devs sharing the statty tables, which isn’t going to happen) is that you crack open the magic keys now…

Post 108, all keys will generate loads of other stuff, not just troops, so there’ll be more noise, and I guess lower chance of getting those sought after legendaries…

But if you want to be able to upgrade them, you’ll need the other resources, and the traitstones… so tough call![quote=“IVIMarkIVI, post:14, topic:1771”]
and a number of epics

Missing Epics? note that some you can get from the quests (assume you have all those?) and some that were event troops might not yet be in chests yet…

Barbearus, Cthyrzyzyzy, Dokkalfar, Elf Eater, Ice Witch, Swamplash, Tankbot, Terraxus are all missing. Not sure which are avaiable and which are not, but I doubt all of them are currently unavailable via chests.

Well, bought my 40 magic keys and used them. Got Tau; no other epics or legendaries. So that’s that!

Got a list of those not in chests here:

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Oops… bad luck… sorry that the RNG didn’t help you based on my advice!

Something else

in the next patch (1.0.8): 1gold key = 300 gold
actually 1 iron key = 1 000 gold
convert: 1 iron key => 1 glory key + 2 gold key = 20 glory + 600 gold

patch 1.0.8: 450 gems = 50 gems key
actually 450 gems = 40 magic key
convert: 50 magic => 50 x ( 1 gems key + 2 gold key) = 450 gems +30000 gold

Will you convert your gold into iron key before patch …?
And for gems convert into magic…?

let’s see what you think