2.1 Chest Opening Stats


Thanks! I’m going in batches to reduce the drudgery of it.

I figured since I have the 5000 gold keys, I may as well get the stats while I open them.


I also got a summer imp as one of my legends. :cry:


Sure. The preview suggested fair trade of the old keys that to me implies similar value after opening. Turned out far from true.

I guess those arriving to transition with thousands of keys were looking for legends as everything else they already had.


I just opened 50 GEM KEYS and I received:

2 Legendaries (Sheggra and Crimson Bat)
8 Runic Traitstones
40 Ultra Rares


Summer Imp not a bug :wink: It’s summer in Australia at the moment …

Prolly a 3am dev derp :stuck_out_tongue:



so it’s seems to be normal to found a summer imp in chest…doesn’t it?


I’ve finished up with the 5000 gold chests, although it seems that the reward distributions are currently changing with each day (probably fine-tuning on the devs’ part).

The spreadsheet for your enjoyment and statistical analysis is here.

Now to do a pile of ascending common and rare troops… :smile:


No, Imps were the only ones that should not have been added. They slipped through because… imps.
I am innocent.


That’s what he wants you to think :wink:


I have recorded my chest openings so far in the previous spreadsheet. Enjoy the numbers. Here’s the link again.


Now added some gem keys.


Notice any difference so far? I wouldn’t expect that 1.0.9 would require the devs to play with these ratios, but there have been other economic changes.


It definitely looks like I got a better deal this time around but I doubt its been fiddled with.


Updated with VIP Chest numbers (the older ones were easy enough to remember). Same link, new tab.


Holy smoke…only Epic & above for VIP Chests. What is the current bulk-buy gem cost for VIP chests?


They do cost a ton. 50 gems EACH. Same 5%/10% discount for 10/50 packs respectively. So the 50 packs cost 2250 gems - which sounds quite ridiculous, but I’ve come to terms with it. Also my first 50 pack was way worse than subsequent ones.


Every four weeks or so I can afford a 50 pack of VIP chests, and I can assure you they are totally worth it! Of course it’s still the RNG you are depending on, so you mileage may vary.


I have been relying on the VIP chests to get the featured legendary of the week to Mythic status, plus get some random arcanes on the side. That’s been my main gem expenditure.


This again. 2.0 Release update. Glory and improved VIP Chests.


I got a mythic every 4,000 glory keys.

I have more stats if anyone wants to count my video. I’m not particulary in the mood for checking over 8,500ish glory keys. xD