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2.1 Chest Opening Stats

Updated for 2.1 Release / Dragon’s Claw Release - The link should still work.

  • Opened 18,000 Gold Chests - tallied Before and After states to make it easy.
  • Other stats already well-explored and the method above wouldn’t work on higher chests.

Updated for 2.0 Release - The link should still work.

  • Opened over 10k Glory Chests, AKA opened more Chests than Tacet :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Opened 200 VIP Chests

Did not record my Gold Chests because I can’t be bothered with the numbers on those damn things.

Now has some VIP Chest numbers for anyone interested in braving those odds…

I’ve augmented my previous stat table with 1.0.9 Chest Opening numbers. The link should still work.
The tabs at the bottom separate the following new data:

8000 Gold Keys - total number of Common and Rare troops, Minor and Major traitstones, gold, souls, glory and gems. Average per 50 chests.

8750 Glory Keys - total number of each troop rarity (minus Common), Major traitstones, gold, souls, glory and gems. Average per 50 chests. Breakdown of each 50-pack (Ultra+ troops/stones only).

800 Gem Keys - total number of each troop rarity (minus Common and Rare) and Runic traitstones. Average per 50 chests. Breakdown of each 50-pack.

Gold keys had 72% Common troops vs 28% Minor Traitstones, and 74% Rare troops vs 26% Major traitstones. This suggests it is more variable than I previously thought, given the size of my samples.

(Original Post from 1.0.8)

I’ll be adding to this as I go through more content. For starters, I’ve just opened up 2300 Glory Chests - in blocks of 50 of course - and recorded numbers in a spreadsheet.

You can all view that spreadsheet HERE! Hopefully.

I have listed the number of Ultra-Rares, Epics, Legendaries, Souls, Gold, Glory and Gems per 50 chests. I didn’t count Rares, which is the only reason there is no accurate total ‘soul value’.

If I had to guess, there is around a 30% chance for a troop to be replaced by a traitstone of equal value.

Again, I will be adding to this in the near future, such as when I throw some money at this for VIP and open up Gem Chests or more.


Thank you so much for making this spreadsheet! It’s really awesome! :smile:

I opened 550 Glory chests. I also recorded the traitstones blue and higher. Here are my stats if you want to incoporate them to help start getting some good key results :smile:

Opened 500 ‘Gold’ chests. Average per 50 chests:

Common Troop = 19.1
Rare Troop = 5.5
Minor Trait Stone = 8.0
Major Trait Stone = 2.3
Souls = 125.9
Glory = 52
Gems = 1.0
Gold = 632.1

Could this possibly be the worst chest opening ever, as my first one in 1.0.8?

29 Rare Troops
12 Rare Traitstones
4 Ultra-Rare Troops
2 Ultra-Rare Troops
50 Glory
6 Gems

That’s right, no Epics, no Legendaries and a bare sprinkling of anything other than Rare Troops. :frowning:

Here’s hoping the rest go better…

Wait, does that spreadsheet show that you got a summer imp? Aren’t they supposed to be out of chests until next summer?

That’s what I got!

Got to watch those imps or they’ll pop in any where. (We’ll be fixing that).

Those darn imps! Just don’t tell @melkathi, he’ll be jealous…

I have been waiting for the bug to appear. Of course it is someone else who gets it :imp:

Such IMP-atience…

I’m currently working on opening 5000 gold chests, which should give a solid sample size for people who want to see what they’ll get for their gold.

good luck on opening up all those chests

All I got were swarms of bees. :disappointed_relieved:

So 10 legendary from 2300, rate down by at least 50%, though better than my observation of over 75.

Worth noting that this is 2300 with one per chest, rather than three.

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Thanks! I’m going in batches to reduce the drudgery of it.

I figured since I have the 5000 gold keys, I may as well get the stats while I open them.

I also got a summer imp as one of my legends. :cry:

Sure. The preview suggested fair trade of the old keys that to me implies similar value after opening. Turned out far from true.

I guess those arriving to transition with thousands of keys were looking for legends as everything else they already had.

I just opened 50 GEM KEYS and I received:

2 Legendaries (Sheggra and Crimson Bat)
8 Runic Traitstones
40 Ultra Rares