Legendary cards


Goodness…I’ve played countless hours and spent about 60 bucks between my wife and I,levels 60+ an 50+ with no legendary cards…wht I need the world are the odds? We’ve used over 50 magic keys and we’ll over 100 iron keys…it’s almost impossible to get these great cards without having 20 duplicates of a basic


The odds are pretty low for Legendary troops. With 50 magic keys, I would have expected you to have gotten a couple. They’ll come around. I’m still missing some troops I’d love to play with after 8 months of playing this game, and I’ve had 6 or 7 of some come through my hands.

Hang on to the duplicate cards for when the 1.0.8 patch hits, if you don’t need the souls. You will then be able to use those extras to upgrade all cards to Mythic versions. I’m not sure how far off that patch is for the consoles, but its a fun expansion to the game.


Guess I’ll have to be patient on the legendary cards then…so this patch 1.0.8 mythic versions of the cards are pretty much a morph of the duplicates? Doing this increase the level and other attributes as well or just a really cool looking monster?


Adds 1 shield/health/attack per level per upgrade, then 1 more when you level it up.


Join a high activity guild, keys and gems flow in faster.


Assuming magic key drops are similar to when PC/mobile had magic keys, the drop rates should be approximately:

Commons: 45.8%
Rares: 18.3%
Ultra Rares: 28.3%
Epics: 4.4%
Legends: 3.1%

There were some more concise numbers on this somewhere on the old forums, but this gives a general idea of their possible drop rate.

The legend drop rate for iron keys, if not tweaked from PC/Mobile, is 1%.


I got 5 legendary from my last 40 magic keys. .


I think it’ s even more random (lucky) then what I’ve read on here, at least from my personal experience. I’ve only been playing GoW for about 5 weeks or so, and now I’m around level 123 or so. My wife started playing the same day, and is somewhere around lvl 110 or so. She has opened even more chest then I have, and she now has only 3 Legendary troops total. … At the same time, I have 9 different Legendary troops, with copies of two or three of them, putting me around 12 or 13 in total.

Also, only 1 of my Legendary’s came from a Magic Key, which I’ve only had about 8 of now. (Purchased maybe 3 in the first week or so, but only win them now in TH) The rest of the Legendary’s all came from Iron keys. … We joke about this, and the wife gets so mad each time I get any new ones. :slight_smile: So yeah, I think luck plays a big part.


Hopefully you get one soon Berk. I’ve had the opposite luck of you. I’m level 79 and have only had a handful of magic keys(bought them with gems I had for tasks, and got the starter set that had 3). I’ve had one legendary out of those magic keys, but I’ve got eight out of normal keys, including a copy of the one I got out of magic keys. I also got one from an event.

My husband on the other hand has yet to get a single one. He plays less, but considering he got to level 30 on console, and is now over level 30 on the mobile version, it’s still a fair bit of time he’s put into it. Just keep playing, cross your fingers, and eventually luck should smile on you.


thx guys but this is annoying waiting and wanting one lol…my wife tease me daily about this and hopefully i can luck up…i pvp amd to my luck these guys have 2 or more 4 stars in the line up…i currently have 7 iron keys and 12 magic and hate to use them for duplicates


It took me tens of thousands of keys to get a complete set. Just use your keys, it’ll be more fun that way!


I’m level 54, and have only gotten two legendary troops from iron keys (plus I bought one with glory, so I have three total). I didn’t even know you could get them from iron keys, since I didn’t get my first one until fairly recently, probably right around level 50. I got a second one almost right away, but its useless (Goblin King). The magic keys I have used don’t seem much different.


its torture…i got home maybe around 7 i played for quite some time and used 19 keys i believe and all were duplicates smfh…i’m just gonna try my best to stop thinking about them but thats gonna be hard with my wife in my face about hers lol


Yeah, my wife gets frustrated as well, and it doesn’t help when she wants to open up some with my chest and gets me another one. :slight_smile: Happened just last night, though it was another duplicate. But she also did just get her forth Legendary yesterday during the day too. … Just keep opening the chest as you get keys and I’m sure you will hit pay-dirt soon.

Personally, I don’t hold on to keys and then open a bunch at one time. (At least not right now) I’m not sure I would like to open 20, 30 or 40+ keys, and not get anything I’m looking for. At least when I open just a few at a time, it doesn’t seem to sting as bad and probably easier to forget. :slight_smile: Just my opinion. Good Luck!


I’m playing on PS4 and since I begun i got 8 Legendary Units : Aborath, Orion, Jarl, Gloom leaf, Shadow Dragon,Venoxia, Celestasia (promo card offered for glory points) and Kerberos.
The game seems more likely to give you cards you already have. And yes keeping your doubles will be quite rewarding when it’ll come 1.0.8
Even if we don’t even know when it’ll be.


Emphasis on seems, there. This is known as the birthday problem. Even though there are 365 possible birthdays, it only takes 23 people in a room for there to be a 50% chance for two or more people to have the same birthday.

There are currently 25 GoW Legendaries. According to the table at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_problem#Generalizations, 50% chance of two or more duplicates is reached when you have drawn 7 of them (when only using methods that gives each an equal likelihood).

We humans have a distorted perception of the natural likelihood of duplicates when all results are equally likely.


There is also this rumor around here that not all legendaries have the same chance of dropping. Or more specific that there are different ‘possibilities within rarity tiers’.


and yes it does sting when u open them up in one sitting and receive diddly lol…and she just got another today only played one game and had one damn key


im hoping the patch has a better percentage ratio than this one here…i hear the patch have some really cool upgrades coming as well


does it has anything to do with each one’s ability? tho that may be true i still dont have one at a lvl 70 lol