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Arcane traitstone reward possibility in explore

Could please do something about that? Just getting ONE arcane trait alone is hard enough, you are telling me to get TWENTY FOUR(more or less) of them to get your ONE troop to get all 3 traits? Come on, even 10 times playing explore is not guaranteed you to get one of 'em. That sucks so much, so despairfull(if thats a word).

English is not my first language. So, yeah. Please do something about it.

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I get that you’re frustrated. but if Arcanes were VERY easy to obtain, most people would have quit due to the bordem of “i’ve done everything, now what”. Arcanes are somewhat easy to obtain from glory troops (Always get enough epics/ultra-rares to get the glory troop to mythic x4) but yes, they can take a while to get. it happens. That’s RNG.

Once you have a good Explore team, it only takes 4-6 hours to fully trait a troop like that. As F2P mechanics go, this isn’t too huge a burden.

Considering that a player only needs to trait about 30-40 specific troops to be “endgame”, it’s not all that bad. You get in the habit of traitstone farming when you have nothing else to do so you’ll have them stocked up. You get in the habit of saving Orbs of Wisdom (I have more than a dozen minors laying around.) It turns out what feels like a huge burden to a new player slowly becomes a minor annoyance for a mid-game player, and something you don’t even think about at endgame.

In short: a lot of people like it exactly how it is, and it’s already much faster than it used to be. GoW is a game where you develop very slowly, even if you spend money. That’s one of its good traits compared to other games where you develop very slowly unless you spend money.

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“Arcanes are somewhat easy to obtain from glory troops” I didn’t get what you mean by that. Is there something I miss?

Use glory to buy the troop of the week from the shop, it comes with it’s associated arcane traitstone, buy multiple packs until you have all the traitstones of that color you want.


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There are also Orbs of Wisdom, now, that ease this burden somewhat.

About that… I was away when they add that update so, I have no idea about these orb.

Orbs have been around for months now, long before this update. Typically you get them for weekly/guild events, such as Invasion, Raid Boss, leveling up a pet, bounty, etc. You can also get them with vault keys. The “orb of chaos” will automatically turn into a useful orb when you obtain it. It will either be an: Orb of Ascension (blue, ascends troops), Orb of Wisdom (orange, gives you traits), Orb of Growth (green, levels up troops) or an Orb of Clans (purple, gives you extra guild seals). There are also major versions of each orb, which give you the same things but better (full ascends a troop, fully levels up a troop, fully traits a troop, etc., gives you even more seals).

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