Post Necromancy "Buff" Soul Farming Team - 325 per match (High Stat Team Comp w/ Alternatives)

I posted on the 2.1.5 Soul Farming Guide thread, but I didn’t really do much to explain how it works. There’s some other great teams in there, check it out here:

Okay. I want to get a couple of things out of the way:

  • I have ALL of my Kingdoms at 5+ stars.
  • I have ALL guild bonuses maxed out.
  • I have NOT tested this outside of one mission: Divinion Fields, first challenge (Scouting Party).
  • I am playing at Warlord 2 Difficulty.
  • I was hasty in specifying a match time, as I had only run it a couple times when I posted.
  • ALL of my troops are fully traited.
  • ALL of my troops are Mythic and at level 20.
  • Match time is usually 90 seconds, sometimes faster, but was never longer than 2 minutes.
  • TWO Valkyrie casts will hit the souls cap.
  • I do NOT have any VIP bonuses.
  • I gain an extra 50% souls bonus from guild.
  • I ran this team for ONE HOUR straight, and obtained 9,929 souls, roughly 165 souls per minute.
  • If/when Necromancy is patched, souls per hour WILL DECREASE roughly 25% (down to circa 7,473).
  • It should be noted that, in its current state, Necromancy is allowing for MORE soul gains per minute than ever before.
  • Yes, I have too much time on my hands and am ambivalent towards the 2.1.5 update, as a whole.

Now that that is out of the way, here is the team composition.

Dragon Banner : +2 Red Mana, +1 Yellow Mana, -1 Brown Mana.

Sacrificial Priest

The purpose of having Sacrificial Priest is strictly for Karakoth and Human/Mystic stat bonus. To some degree, Acolyte is also there for the same reason. You do not want to use Acolyte unless there is no mana available for Warlock on the board. Here’s the full bonuses:

Game Plan:

Your number one priority is to get off two Valkyrie casts before you end the match. It is acceptable to even pass up skulls if there is available Valkyrie mana on the board. Since two casts are enough to max out souls, it is advised to achieve this as soon as possible.

You are going to want to use Warlock on Ranger when there are 8+ Purple orbs on the board. A plus to this team is Acolyte’s Cursed trait, which gives a 50% chance to reduce the enemy’s effective HP (Armor+Heatlh) by 2 per troop. Your next target for Warlock is Boar Rider and this time you only need 4+ Purple orbs present. If Cursed does proc on the enemy Health or Armor, you will only need 4+ Purple orbs the one-shot Ranger and Boar Rider is open season once you have enough mana.

When Valkyrie has been casted twice, you can go for skulls if you wish, but there is the potential of being trolled by Centaur Scout, as he does have Agile (20% chance to dodge skull damage).

It’s advised to never cast Sacrificial Priest, because although he can clean up stragglers, his death will revoke the third Necromancy trait (even with 100 souls before bonuses, your post-game total will be reduced to 260 souls).

Difficulty Alternatives:

The idea with this team is to have both of the last two enemy troops within one-shot range of Warlock, and the first two troops within one-shot range of a skull attack. If you are having trouble with this, you can alter the difficulty to make this a reality. You will lose 25 souls per run for each rung you climb down the difficulty ladder, but finishing matches quicker is more important than a 25 soul loss per game.

Set-up Alternatives:

If you are still having trouble with one-shotting the first two troops with skulls, you can make Acolyte or Warlock the team front-runner without mana starving Valkyrie.

Team Alternatives:

You can use either of the following teams, but you will not be able to hit the souls cap in two casts, because you are losing the full bonuses from kingdom/species. Essentially, you can have these troops in any order, but it’s advised to have the mana chain of command go: Valkyrie, Warlock, Acolyte.



Final Thoughts:

Anyways, if you have all the kingdoms maxed out, you probably aren’t in a hurry to get more souls. Nonetheless, I figured I’d leave this here still, considering that kingdoms’ stars have been raised to seven, with plans to go up to 10.

As with anything, this is a work in progress. I am still going over different team compositions and difficulties that will maximize the Returns on Investment (RoI). Feel free to list improvement suggestions, questions or concerns.


Was just about to make a video on this today too. xD

Pretty sure they will nerf that challenge eventually. It has been used to farm since traitstones were created.

I prefer Valkyrie - 3x Warlock

Yeah. Honestly, the forum/community content is a double edged sword. On one hand, you open up your ideas with maximum RoI for all to see and take advantage of. On the other hand, you put your creations on the operating table for the devs to dissect and mend as they see fit. It’s quite the dichotomy.

When I brought up the EXP thing to their attention their response back then was along the line of “We don’t mind if people farm challenges.” No clue if that will be different given how many souls this can farm.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but the outlook is bleak. The Necromancy halving is as good as gospel already, since it was intended at 25% anyways.

I just did it for about 10 minutes and got around 1,000 souls. My data may have been a bit slower since I tried it once on Warlord III instead of normal.

Warlord I appears to be beast for me, but I’m pretty sure others would have to do normal or hard based on their Warlock damage.

Right on. I find Warlord II to be my sweet spot with the original team I posted, but Warlord I seems most efficient with a Valk, Warlock x3 build. Warlord III with any of these teams is RoI suicide, although it can be done.

Hmmm, very interesting.

So I can get the calculations correct, your soul modifier is 3.25 with difficulty, correct? In the games where you could either clear or try to match gems to get Valk up a second time, I’m also assuming you just went for the clear, right? 9929 is an odd number that I’m trying to parse out to roughly how many games (ie., traitstone opportunities) you played.

31 games. Only one time did I not cast Valk twice, and that was only because the cascade of skulls was insane and ended the game. And yes, my soul modifier is at 3.25x

Forgive my ignorance, but what is so special about the Scouting Party challenge? Why is that the ONE place to best farm Souls? Why is at risk of being “nerfed?”

It is currently the weakest challenge in the game. The strongest troop in that challenge is weaker than any other challenge making it the best location in the entire game to farm EXP and souls. This is due to it being the quickest and easiest to complete.

If you were to replace valkyrie in that team with avina, how many souls would avina make vs how many souls valkyrie can make?

Considering that neither Avina nor Valkyrie have Necromancy, you would get the same amount of souls with either, but it would take much longer to complete a match with Avina replacing Valk.

in the soul grinding team above with valkyrie, warlock, acolyte, and sac preist, if you replace avina with valkyrie how many souls would avina make each cast? How many souls does valkyrie make each cast in the above team? (sorry if i was not clear.) Valkyrie’s spell is magic+1 (no kingdom bonuses, 5 magic at level 20, avina’s is magic+4 (no kingdom bonuses, 10 magic at level 20)

arent you answering your own question?

per a cast:

1(spell)+5(base magic) +2(team bonus) +kingdoms/guild +3x necro >> (8+kingdoms/guild) x 2.5 souls x armor/vip/guild bonuses
-> 20souls/cast x armor/vip/guild bonuses

assuming +8kingdom +2 guild it would change to
-> 45souls/cast x armor/vip/guild bonuses

4(spell)+10(base magic) +2(team bonus)+kingdoms/guild +3x necro >> (16+kingdoms/guild) x2.5 x armor/vip/guild bonuses
-> 40souls/cast x armor/vip/guild bonuses

assuming +8kingdom +2 guild it would change to
->125souls/cast x armor/vip/guild bonuses

unless i did some mistake in the math…

not a good day to count, too sleepy so correct me if im wrong

I can’t even solve the above equations to simplify them into a number that would be the number i would get should i cast the two, so i have no idea if the operations are correct. (i have the flu/cold thingy so i can not concentrate on math right now.)

you can use either but avina will be slower since valk generates mana and avina not

you need to get spell to give 36+ souls in the spell description to have it capped in one cast

for 2 spell casts to cap u need 18+ souls in spell description

(basically u can ignore all calculations regarding necromancy and treat soul cap as a flat 40 for the spell descriptions - the necromancy will recalculate itself for you during and after the fight)

that -1 spell cap- cant be done with anything off the bat unless you boost their magic during the fight with humility or such

I know someone somewhere answered this, however is necromancy additive or multiplicative?