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Video: How to Farm OVER 9,000! Souls Per Hour

Hello everyone! Today I go over how to farm over 9,000 souls per hour. This is done by using some of the new necromancy troops added in 2.1.5 of Gems of War as well as the new behavior of it triggering after the battle instead of during it.

EXP Farming Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9xPNiTYf2I&index=2&list=PL0DU9yv-QMW2A-OerZhOx69D4ML5nQxtj

Per Hour Soul Data: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/post-necromancy-buff-soul-farming-team-325-per-match-high-stat-team-comp-w-alternatives/14456




Must do all the memes! Devs have used them quite a lot in the past too for event names.

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Wow redeem code is already used up. :frowning:

There are a few team that can do the same thing but faster:

Dragon banner
Astral spirit

this team has one less necromancy but lets you finish nearly a minute faster.

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This is amazing, Tacet! It works a treat, thank you!

FOLLOWING!! What about for us console players?

I’m using Giant Spider/TDS/Aziris/Warlock, Abyssal Banner. Hard or Warlord 1 difficulty, depending on how high the average life/armor of the common epics on your challenges is (you get a feel for this after exploring for a bit). For this one, you’d want to avoid Stormheim and their fairly common empowered Mercy, which raises the time to charge up TDS a bit since you don’t use yellow at all. I’d use Sac Priest instead of Warlock for clean up, but I primarily explore Ghulvania and the common life drain trait prevents killing there. Per minute gains, I’ve found nothing better so far. Its much more expensive trait, level, and troop wise, but it should work at any level so long as the spider can take a few hits since the bulk of the damage comes from TDS. Unfortunately, it takes about 75% longer per battle than my prepatch souls team, which amounts to much less traitstones, but if I’ve run the numbers right, might just barely edge out my prepatch souls/minute even with a 25% necro.

Since you don’t have the necro change yet, Valk/Rowanne/Archer(imperial jewel)/Valk yellow red banner (Dragon banner when you have it) is probably the fastest possible, but requires some pretty high stats for it to be the fastest, and you’d probably want to stick to normal or hard difficulty. Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy and Valk/Valk/Rowanne/Mercy (double yellow banner) also cap out souls fairly easily (they only need 8 souls per cast base cap with double necro and two casts) with roughly 1:15-1:30 fights and allow you to raise the difficulty incrementally as long as you can two-shot clear with your damage source.

I’ll tell you the secret to Soul farming on console, and its only one word.


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