Easy shopping in the "reward of glory"


I usually do multiple purchases in the store rewards glory but I find it very complicated and i bet I’m not alone. Would not it be logical to implement simple arrows to allow multiple purchases with just one action? Of course the same thing for the spoils of war
You have already done so in the sentinels section of the guild war.
Please make life easy for us.

Multiple purchase in glory shop please!

Seconded. This would be a really useful and time-saving feature :slight_smile:


I’d like to see how to buy 50 event keys in a few seconds, maybe with a bad Wifi and device. Same thing if I want to bring a new troop to mythical, how many steps do I have to do?
Less is more :wink:


+1 to this request.


Very supportive of these requests. We want to spend the resources and you want us to do so too; please stop making it so hard.


Not the first time this has been requested and I’ll continue to upvote it every time it makes an appearance. Please, please, please…this is a much-needed QOL tweak!


+1 to this request! Yesssssssa!


I would be soooo happy if this was added. It would be great to add it to Spoils of War also.


Sooooo needed…


yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss please


I think is a good idea, and a easy to make for the dev.


And please let us open 200 gold chests with gold.


+1 to this as well…


Good idea. Support +1


I was saying this the other day so add an extra +1 on here :grin:


I too buy in bulk with the glory troops each week like most players probably do. This is long overdue and needed.


I’m sorry to bump an old topic, but I am completely confused why this hasn’t been implemented yet. Surely someone has raised this before in the almost 4 years the game is out.

Buying things with glory is incredibly repetitive and mind numbing, especially if the troop you’re buying is common, rare or ultra-rare and you’re buying enough copies to get it to mythic immediately.

@Saltypatra, @Cyrup: Please raise this request in the office (again?) . :slight_smile:


I’ve made sure the suggestion is noted!

If the team were to implement this there would likely need to be a confirmation pop-up to confirm the amount purchased to stop accidental purchases or multiple packs.


Even multiple confirmations would likely be a big overall speed improvement!


Yes, something like this would be really welcome!