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Easy shopping in the "reward of glory"

Yea, I’d take a ten click confirmation storm rather than the current 100 clicks.

Thanks! I hope the team can make this work, 'cause this pop-up sounds like a great improvement over the current situation! :slight_smile:

If I might add something humble to this: let’s consider what existing UI could be dug up to make it better. The devs do seem to like to copy UI, which is good for both consistency and testing.

The best example of this UI in the game is troop upgrades. If I’m leveling a troop, I get a sophisticated screen that lets me do 3 things:

  • Choose 1 level at a time.
  • Choose “as many levels as I can get”.
  • Select a very specific level using arrows.

All of these options have a confirmation dialog. This is the UI that should be used for opening keys and buying glory troops. If this style of dialog is reused, here are the advantages:

  • It’s already implemented somewhere.
  • Players do not seem to be loudly complaining about it in public.
  • It already has a confirmation pop-up.

That seems a lot better than trying to come up with a new, unique UI for purchasing multiple Glory rewards.

This would also be a great UI for using keys to open chests, another place where people have REALLY wanted a ‘custom’ option for ages.


100% agree with this!