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In-game shop rework

Since this question didn’t made into the Q.A:

I’m reposting it as a request:

In the past when asked about the possibility of allowing us to buy multiples packs of something, like Spoils of War, we were told that making something like this could cause issues. Why not simply add some new tab on these items with some pre-set amounts to buy just like we have with the chests?

A picture to make things clear:

You click on the Spoils of War, for example, and there is a popup/new window where you choose how many you want to buy. Can it be done to finally address this old QoL issue?


Spookybump the dead thread.

Can we have this QoL improvement for 4.2 @Cyrup? We already had two updates since this request was originally made.


Another suggestion was made which I passed onto the team. I (personally) agree that this would be useful but if it wasn’t included in an update already then it’s likely that this is a larger code scope and will need more time, or for whatever other reason is not included.

I’ll make a note of the issue again and if the team has time for QoL this update I’ll enquire as to the feasbility.


Omg I would love to be able to click 1 button to purchase the glory troop to mythic!