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Multiple purchase in glory shop please!

Adding the ability to purchase multiples of an item in the glory shop would be great. If I want to get say 10 of the weekly glory reward it is a pain in the backside to buy it 10 times over.

Just a thought!



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This has been requested many times, and we never get any clear answer about their priorities on QoL features. But there is some hope that 4.0 could finally address this. If not… well… we’ll need to keep requesting it.

@Cyrup place in the magic list of the wishes :slight_smile:

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Places Ice Cream Birbs as bait…



Of course please make a confirmation step when purchasing multiple bundles so as to prevent accidentally buying 30 when only 3 was intended.

I think they said, a loooong time ago that it wasn’t possible/easy to make the feature with a box to type the amount of items…

But they surely could use sets or bundles like this:


That would be great as well. Just something so I don’t have to kill my mouse every week when a new reward comes out!

Or - without going to an image editor! - they could just change the button into smaller buttons.

[________ BUY________]


[ 1x = 180 ] [ 10x = 1800 ]

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This could lead to some trouble for small devices i think, even with a confirmation button some people would probably mistakenly buy more than they wanted.

Oh, riiiight, mobiles… neither of these would work properly, just have to scroll through or something.

I’d even take a slider or side click to add more

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I have been summoned :star_struck:

@Oscar What If I told you it was already on the magical lisst?


Also I do like to add a suggestion @Cyrup without making a new thread.
Could you please ask the team if they might be planning to run two differently 5 bux weapon packs
weekly? :blush: That way we have more options. There is so many weapons now in this game, so that would be very nice.


I would like to add my sentiments to this. I have carpal tunnel from clicking “Buy 1 Map for 30 Glory” so many times. Help me out. Let me buy 5 or 10 or 100 maps at a time.


One more suggestion

Can we sell maps for 30 glory a piece? Please. @Cyrup, this would be great!


If they implemented that, so many players would be stuck opening thousands of glory chests to try to get back under 100,000 glory. No one would have time to climb the PvP ladder from all the chest opening.

I’d sell maps for 5 glory apiece.


Lowest bidder? I’ll go one.

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+1 to this. Again…