Purchasing specific troops

Is there any way, or intention to add a way, to purchase a specific troop? Either an obscene number of souls or a number of gems.

Or is it just get 100+ keys and hope for a legendary you don’t have?

Pretty much that, yes, alltought you can buy special troops from events with glory every 2 weeks.

It would be nice if they would open a glory store do you could buy all the stuff that has cone out for glory. Double whatever the glory price is when they are new releases or whatever. This way people Edo leave but cone back can keep their collection up.

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Glory will apparently have some more applications in 1.0.8. Let’s see what the update brings us.

The only troops interesting to include here are the legends. (All the rest just falls from keys and active people can just join active guilds and have insane amount of those. Ok, delta the few promo epics, but that is a small pool.)

As for the legends the feature already exists just is sort-of hidden: you can buy it from the “special offer” for $50.

And it is a safe bet there will not be cheaper competition for this in the game.

Agree with this… there has to be some appeal to help the special offer purchases and get some real money into the game… the devs and the lovely 505 are not a charity in the end… either we’d have endless advertising (no thanks) or we put up with the offers and some of us occasionally have to stick in some cash… if we all sit thinking ‘not me’ then some day the game will stop running…

I would happily spend real money to get the units and weapons I’m missing.


Maybe something like 300 gems (roughly $25 worth) for a single legendary?

300 gems is roughly 25 magic keys, which should yield 2-3 random legendary when used (in addition to a bunch of other troops). So you sacrifice quantity for a specific one you want.

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Yea, I wouldn’t like paying that much, but I would do it. I don’t want legendaries though, I want the epics that were released as the weekly glory rewards. And the weapons.

$20-25 per specific Legendary
$10 per specific Epic
$5 per specific Ultra Rare

I could see these prices working as some sort of shop tab, swapping out three of each every week.
Might not even be able to pay with gems, and while that would bring minor complaints, this is still a game requiring profit.

Touching an important point here. Since pretty much what everyone is looking for are only those legendaries. The price goes up to 50 bucks with some goodies that not everyone cares about. I would totally pay 25 for only the Legendary if I missed one. But paying the double for the Legendary and some rather bad goodies (at high level) doesn’t really makes sense for me. :v:

Edit 1: I forgot to mencion that this is just hypothetical, I like everything how it is right now. I don’t want people fiding such an easy ways to advance on the game!

I would set it up on the troop page. If you don’t already have one click “show all” then select the one you want. Just add a “Purchase” button on the right side under the “?” It would give free players something to use excess gems on after getting good armor, and provide whales with the ability to buy a new troop whenever they want to try out a new build.

Never been called that before. Is ‘whale’ an affectionate term for someone who’s been playing the game since its first release? :smile:

A whale is typically a casino term, referring to the highest of the high rollers. Billionaires and such

Sounds flattering… lucky old me!

I think this would end up pissing off a lot of people who just want to enjoy the game. And everytime they see legendary cards in the opponent lineup, they will wonder how much the person paid for it. There are too many games right now where the “Credit Card Warriors” hold dominance over the playing field. Let’s not turn GoW into another one please.

Technicality a small is someone who is not just a high roller but also spends LOTS of money.

That is already possible. I could drop $500 on 9000 gems (thanks to current bonus), buy 800 magic keys, get 2400 troops, giving me about 75 legendaries, or roughly $7 per legendary when bought in bulk at random. Letting someone drop $25 for a legendary of their choice at will wouldn’t let the “Credit Card Warriors” dominate any more than they do already, but it would entice big spenders to make impulse buys (which helps keep the game running) and lets free players save up their gems and make progress (which retains player base)

Language… my children are reading this…

Mind - I entirely agree with your post, well said!

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Do you know anyone that did this? I’m not sure the game is dominated by people who put loads of cash in…? more by those who’ve played for longest, or greatest time commitment… there’s so much more skill involved in this game (well, as in anyone with half-decent skill can beat the AI) so it’s not pay-to-win at all…