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Glory, gold keys, glory keys and more

Can we get some kind of conversion with these? I’d like 10 to 1 but i would even be happy with 100 to 1.

Gold keys are all but useless. I have all troops but 1 mythic so basically I trade in 200 gold keys for 4000 gold and troops worth a couple hundred souls of which I do not need either.

Thank you for your time.

Gold keys aren’t useless. Every 200 keys gets you approximately 2 gems, 120 Glory, and 2600 Gold, on average.


I also have all troops but 1 Mythic, but I still find gold keys useful. I use them all each week as a small top up for gems to enable purchasing of further tiers in events, and duplicate troops to break down for souls help in the pursuit of adding medals to troops. Any extra gold is also welcome from using the gold keys. It’s basically free resources.


At least gold keys are more useful than treasure maps. You may spend gold keys almost without spending your time, while treasure maps require some gem matching (or is it “coin matching”?).


I agree gold keys are not useless. I am level 1289ish. Cash them in when I feel like it, tops up my gems and gold

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Fair. I would just see more use if I could convert them into glory keys like how we can convert ingots

Thank you all for all of the feedback.

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Because gold keys do drop glory, they do, in effect, convert to glory keys. The conversion rate is just less generous than you want (10:1).

Using ignite’s numbers above, 200 keys nets (on average) 120 glory, and 1000 glory can be used to buy 50 chests. So:

120 glory / 200 gold keys = .6 glory/gold key (each key gives about .6 glory)

1000 glory needed for 50 chests / .6 glory/gold key = 1667 gold keys (rounded; the number of keys needed to buy 50 glory chests)

1667 gold keys / 50 glory keys = 33 gold keys / glory keys (rounded)

So the conversion is one glory key for every 33 gold keys (about a third as generous as you want) :v:

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Maybe I’m tired or something but you can use glory to buy troop of the week, up to 10 event keys, souls and gold. Where can you buy chests with glory?

Ps4 if that matters

Use all of your glory keys and then you can use glory to open glory chest, at least that is how it was before I started hoarding glory keys…


Beat me to it.
Yes it still works that way


You can save a few gems a month by not buying bounty troops to mythic and getting them with gold keys the following month or longer away.


Ok. I have a couple thousand glory keys and have for years so must have forgotten.



I am kinda with @UKresistance on this 1. I never buy more than the first bounty tier which provides the new troop and I don’t bother using ascension orbs to beef him up. I need my gems more elsewhere. As far as glory goes, I am not really that fussed about building a glory key stash for mythic week. I prefer to dip my toe in a bit more often but only if I have a good stash of glory to open chests with once the keys are gone. Usually I maintain a minimum glory of about 80K and save glory keys only from the week before the drop. If I don’t get the mythic, it wasn’t meant to be. I can recoup the 80K comfortably by the time of the next drop.