Why save chests?

I saw a thread where people had thousands of chests saved up… is there a better time to use them? i open them as soon as i get them to level my troops…

I have over 200k souls. Most stuff leveled. Most stuff mythic. So I save them to get new mythics at release and let myself finish making the other more recent troops mythic then. But before I had most kingdoms maxed I opened them mostly when I got them.


I save my a portion of my Event keys right now for the new Kingdom coming because Event Chests give items that are specific to that Kingdom.

Other than that I spent my gold, glory and gem keys pretty much as I get them.


There are, at present, 53 commons in the game (ignoring guardians). If I opened 10600 gold chests today, I’d get 5300 common troops, or “about” 100 of each.

Of those 53, I have 3 at epic, 3 at legendary, and 47 at mythic. So the 4700 that I have at mythic are wasted, and I get 600 useful common troops which would bring the 3 legendary to mythic and 3 epic to legendary. The extra kingdom power from raising those commons 1 level each isn’t enough to upgrade a kingdom to the next star level. Then Suncrest comes out in a few weeks and there is a new common, one that I need in order to get Suncrest leveled up.

Instead, I’ll wait and open 10800 gold chests when Suncrest launches getting 5400 troops, about 100 of each of the 54 commons. I’ll ascend my 3 epic level commons to legendary and the 3 legendary to mythic. I’ll also get the brand new common ascended all the way up to legendary! Net result is MUCH more value after release.

The same logic applies to rare troops from gold chests and glory chests.


I save all the Gold Keys because I have all the troops in the game except for a few Mythics, so there is really no point for me to open more until a New Kingdom arrives.

For Glory and Gem Keys, I usually save those for the first Friday of each month, because that is usually when a new Mythic is scheduled.


I too subscribe to the hoarding-until-the-right-time methodology described above. However, if you’re a low enough level, I would advise against it and continue with just opening them on sight. I do suggest you use Event Keys sparingly, since they’re basically the only way to focus down some specific troops (changes with the weekly event).


Yeah, until you have more troops ascended to mythic than you have troops that aren’t mythic, open them all. Except Event keys, as @Shimrra said. Their ability to target specific legendary troops is too useful to squander.

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wow, great explanation, totally makes sense. I figured there had to be a good reason. but also it seems that its still a good idea to open chests until your full of mythics. totally makes sense to save them in your situation. im only lvl 137 now, 2 mythics that I got from chests. maybe 10 legendaries. so for me I still think it makes sense to crack open chests as I get them

except now I will save the event keys… great advice thank you all

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Very much so. I didn’t start hording keys until I had 75% of all troops ascended to mythic and didn’t have immediate need for minor/major stones. For example, while trying to bring Adana up to 7* power I needed a LOT of red minors for traits, so I burned keys as I got them to get those stones. However I’m now your typical “end game” player. Almost 300 troops at mythic, only 3 traits left, all kingdoms as high as they get, etc… so all I need is the new stuff as released.