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Opening Chests every week

This question is regarding Iron keys mainly.

If I have all the lower level troops already, is it still worth my while to use my iron keys every week?

I know you get gold, souls and trait stones as well.

Should I rather hoard them until we get a new kingdom OR are there actually a small chance that I might get a legendary troop with the iron keys?

Thanx in advance for any help.

The big question is, do you have all the troops ascended and fully traited? Cause those chests are how you’ll do that!


it depends, to be able to get an 8 card kingdoms to 5 stars you will need to have mythic of each card including the commons and rares.

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If you
A) Have all commons/rares up to mythic with full traits and do not need the lower trait stone then you save them for the next kingdom.
B) Are lacking in certain troops or do not have lower trait stones then you should use them.
C) Are a hoarder then you should hoard them.

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Thanx a million for helping me decide. Since my kingdoms are mostly all level 2 and my troops need ascending, I will use those iron keys!

Thanx !!

This unfortunately isn’t the case :frowning: But the other have provided a number of great reasons to keep using the keys :smiley:

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Also keys are a big source of glory gold and souls. While not breaking the bank in a single opening, they definitely add up.

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This is going to take forever it seems LOL

Thanx for all the reponders

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50 at a time.

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