Should I be hoarding keys?

If new mythics come out once per month, should I just be saving my good keys until then? [Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP]

I’m currently short 3 mythics and 5 legendaries (mostly Imps). I don’t really care about any of them except Pharos, although it’s too late to “save” for him.

Personally, I don’t horde gold or glory keys. I open all my guild keys whenever my guild hits 40k. I save gem keys for Mythic week on the minute chance that I’ll get one, but considering I haven’t gotten a single one in 4 months I just pretend they don’t exist.

I save event keys for new kingdom weeks and when they add a legendary that isn’t in glory chests.


If you have everything else, I’d say hoarding is a prudent move. Save event keys for either newly released kingdoms, or event weeks with kingdoms where you’d like to ascend their epic/legendary to Mythic. I run through gem, glory, and guild keys on Mythic exclusive weeks, and just use gold keys whenever, since you get so many of them (although it may be wise to save them for new kingdom releases as well).

In other news, welcome to endgame resource allocation!


Hoarding keys is a personal decision. Some do, some do not. By hoarding keys, you are giving yourself a higher statistical likelihood of pulling a specific mythic in its exclusive week, but you are also taking away the likelihood of getting other drops from those keys, specifically runestones.

Whichever way you choose, choose what works for you, and hey, if you don’t like it, you can always do something different!


I’m in the hoarding camp, and so far, it has worked perfectly for me. I hoard all resources except gold keys until mythic week. The only downside to hoarding is that you will end up being short of runics. Generally, runics are my bottleneck when it comes to getting traits not arcanes. So, I do end up having to suffer through explore mode from time to time to raise kingdoms to 7* between mythic weeks.


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Hi, my name is Emos and I am a Key Hoarder. :wink:

In all seriousness I do save all of my keys for the appropriate times, mostly to obtain a new Mythic. It helps immensely that I have the troops I need for the end game so I can stockpile. I’ll run out of some Runics at times until I go on another Key opening spree.

For Mythics I go in the following order until I hit: Guild, Glory, Gem, VIP.
Event Keys I do the following: For a new Legendary in an old kingdom I’ll usually just open enough to get one or two copies because there’s other old Legendaries that dilute the pool. If it’s a new Kingdom event I’ll go all out until I get enough copies to Mythic the new Legendary, especially if it’s awesome.
Gold Keys I now wait until a new Kingdom arrives then spend an hour or so opening them ALL to get the new Common and Rares ascended to Mythic hopefully.


Thanks, I’m going to hoard.
I’m not sure about gold, I’ll probably just spend those.

I’m okay on Runics if I can ever stop theory-crafting. But if I stop doing that, I’ll probably lose interest, so maybe I won’t. :slight_smile:

Does anyone maintain a reserve, and spend everything above that? That might be a good option, too.

I’m hoarding anything that can drop a mythic, and have been doing so ever since the first mythic was announced. Never had a problem with Runics BTW, even in the beginning - Minors and Arcanes were always the bottleneck.

I thought about spending anything over a set reserve, but was never able to decide where to set the line. The resources I’m currently sitting on are worth approximately 6 mythic drops (based on personal estimates regarding mythic drop chance).

If you already have a decent collection and can field good, winning teams then, yes, you should absolutely be hoarding. There’s no real downside, assuming you already have a decent team, and tons of upside.

Early on it’s a different story. Glory becomes really valuable for the weekly troops, but it’s honestly better to spend it on glory chests since that’s the best path to getting the really valuable legendaries early on.

Why would you hoard keys? To increase your chance of getting a new mythic from FML to SMH?

Seriously, saving anything for mythics is like storing up pork and beans for the impending alien invasion. You’re going to be disappointed and everybody around you is going to be sick of smelling your farts.

Just play the game and enjoy it.


This is what I do, but there’s really no rhyme or reason to it. I like round numbers, so I’d been keeping a minimum of 10,000 glory keys and gems, but I’m starting to think there is no point to it, as I’ve been able to stay up to date on new troops as the new kingdoms have been released on console. I probably should have burned more keys trying to get the horsemen as they were released as I have only Plague and Death and may never get Famine now. I keep 2000 gold keys for each new kingdom, which should be enough to obtain any new commons, but not to ascend them very far. I’m content to gradually ascend any common troops and open most of my gold keys as I get them.

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On the other hand, when keys don’t provide you with any game-changing value unless you get something new from them, saving them for the first week of a month makes sense. I’ll take SMH over FML any day, and I owe my moderate success in Mythic collection to my hoarding behaviors (and my guild, for the resources).

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I hoard because I have nothing else to use them on. I have War, Abynissia, and Gard’s Avatar.

Good thing mythics are absolutely ****ing useless because trying to get them is a complete waste of time.

This is what I’m coming to believe now. I have 100% of the available legendaries and below and want to keep it that way, so I keep enough resources on hand that I think I should be able to easily obtain all troops at that level and below. I’ll roll the dice a little during exclusive weeks, but aside from that, any mythics that drop will be a bonus.

I’ve been sitting on the same size hoard during the entire console catch-up and it’s done nothing for me. The potential of all the gold, gems and souls that those keys represent has been wasted over these last few months.

I have a set amount of each resource I will use. Also, I use them in the order of least valuable to most valuable. I stop once I get the mythic. (I also don’t go for multiples.) So far, I’ve never had to use all of any resource to get a mythic.

I hoard because it has worked every single time, and I lose nothing from doing it. I’m at endgame and have a gazillion strong troops. So, it doesn’t hurt me to only open keys every 3 weeks.


It’s actually worked for you? The only Mythic I got during release week was Gard.

I’ve hoarded and then used literally thousands of keys/resources and have jack to show for it.

I got both Aby and War from glory chests. FML. ROFL

It’s worked for me and I’ve still got 30k+ gems and keys stashed. I gain nothing from opening them apart from playing a lottery to try and get a few more troops I need to get mythic.

Everyone’s different with their resources.

Surely did. My experience seems to be the mirror opposite of yours. I’ve gotten every mythic during its exclusive week from tons of keys I hoarded. I’m only missing War and Plague. I didn’t understand the need for hoarding when mythics were first introduced. So, I missed out on those two. After that, I never missed a mythic because I started hoarding/reserving.

Now that it comes up, I suppose that is another downside to this method. Chances are slim that I will ever get War or Plague because I rarely ever spend resources during non-exclusive weeks. But, I can live with that.

Chances are slim that you would ever get War and Plague even if you did spend all your resources in non-exclusive weeks. I’m in the same boat with War and Famine. Not even a kingdom event can help with those two.