Are gem bought souls worth it in 1.0.8?


I’m curious to hear if anyone is thinking about buying some souls in 1.0.8. I haven’t heard anyone talking about their increase in quantity for the second time.

Their cost to price ratio has shifted quite a bit since they were first introduced:
1,000 gems for 3,500 souls, 3.5 souls per gem.
Then 1,000 gems for 7,000 souls, 7 souls per gem.
And in 1.0.8, 900 gems for 9,000 souls, 10 souls per gem.

With all of the leveling required for the new update, I am partially considering their new price to finally be worth purchasing.


The main reason their price are lower in 1.0.8 is because you will be able to get them from all chests. They weren’t available like that before so that’s why I think they increased number of souls per game.


I’m still on the fence about it honestly. I WOULD like to spend gems on souls, but even the new price seems high. I feel like if I’m going to spend money on souls it should go a lot further then that.

At the current cost 1500 gems is 99.99.
That’s what, maybe 2 Max level troops? Too rich for my blood.