Seems like a good deal to me

I got an offer after the Arena to buy the three troops for 1 gem. Given the fact that these three disenchanted to render 40 souls, and in the shop 150 souls cost 30 gems, this seemed like a good deal to me!

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Even better, 7000 souls cost 1000 gems; that’s 7 to 1. The Arena reward for having all troops leveled to 15 is 40 to 1.

You don’t even have to level all the way to 15 - just level 10 to get the deal. I will go out and level any troop before accepting rewards just so I can get the gem for three troops deal.

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And how about the other way around. Say I have three troops in Arena which are level one. After the battles I can buy them for a certain amount of gems, meaning that they will be level 10 after the Arena. Is that worthwhile, or is it exactly the same amount of gems as when I buy souls for gems and level them up manually?
And yes, @Nimhain, @Sirrian and @CrowdedWorlds, I know this will be all explained better in patch 1.0.7. :smile:

Damn, I should have made those maths before I chose to not buy the troops for one gem :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I’ve tried before, but I tried again to be sure. With 2x lvl 15s and 1x lvl10 troop in arena, the cost for the troops at the end was 17 gems. Instead of 40/1, it was 40/17, or slightly better than 2/1. Not a good deal at all considering the lowest prism of souls in the shop is 5/1.