Question about buying troops in arena?

Do the troops one have used during a run need to be leveled up to 15 to be able to buy them for 1 gem?

I haven’t confirmed this first-hand, but I’ve heard that this is correct. If you already own the 3 troops at Lv15, then the cost of levelling them up should be zero right? Plus a little bit to buy the extra copy. I think that’s how it works. Anyone else like to confirm please?

There was something about post-arena troop cost in info about 1.0.9. Here it is:

I think the cost was 20 gems when I finished and had all 3 troops on lvl 15 or higher. I may be mistaken though.

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I can confirm that.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

It used to be one gem if you have them trained to 15, but I hear that the price been changed to 20 gems since the patch.

Yeah the 20 Gem price tag was the devs basic way of telling you we really rather you didn’t lol