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Can we have the $4.99 daily souls purchase?

We get the $4.99 gem one where you get 15 gems a day, but mobile pc gets a soul one too. Might make you more money :slight_smile:
But if you play this game daily, $20 a month on a daily gem soul bonus is worth it.

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I like this idea. But it needs to be worth it. The current valuation of souls to gems is way out of whack.

5$ for about 10k souls would be what in willing to pay.

Changed this to feature requests also.

Damn, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the daily gems is much more worth it than the daily souls. All of the soul purchases in the shop tend to be pretty low. It only takes about 5-15 minutes to farm 150 souls with a Valkyrie depending on a number of factors. Gems on the other hand can take hours to farm the 15 it gives daily.

Not a feature request. It already exists in pc/mobile -.-
And who is this cheap skate machiknight that thinks 10k souls for $5 is fair? Donโ€™t like the deal, then donโ€™t buy it. But you should to support the developers without ruining the in game economy.

$5 for 2250 souls (over 15 days), less than a third of the cost to level up a single legendary troop.

Unless all your troops are Mythic and fully traited, never ever ever use gems or cash to buy souls. The ratio is just horrid considering the mass of souls required to level up a troop, let alone a kingdom. I could use 12,800 souls to finish leveling Wild Plains (and Hydra, Soothsayer, Sunweaver, and Tauros are already maxed), and that would cost me 1280 gems. Or I could use that on about 150 gem chests and get (on average):

109 UR troops (2725 souls if already ascended)
8 epic troops
4 legendary troops

16 relic traitstones
11 arcane traitstone
2 celestial traitstone

Iโ€™d wager those would be a lot more valuable than the souls.

That is exactly what I just said. Not quite sure what you are replying to. xD

just agreeing in detail :wink:

and I likely hit the wrong reply button so it went to you instead of in general