Refund at cost of gems

Allow the refund of a troop at cost of gems.
You can decide the limits and costs.
Only one troop per day?
The cost in proportion to the rarity?
Not much to say, who would not be able to do?
Please, everyone makes mistakes. Allow him to correct them.

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They offer refunds whenever a troop gets nerfed or rebalanced for free.

The reason they don’t always allow refunds is so people don’t just keep switching the same 30,000 souls between different teams of 4 troops.

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How would you feel about getting traitstones refunded at a cost? Maybe we lose all souls invested + pay more souls for the reversal? Would have the added benefit as another little perk to VIP as higher tiers would lose less character levels.

I’d even be okay with losing my minor/majors in the process as I’d also like to discourage fickle use of the feature.

Nah, not likely to happen.

Needless work for the devs.

My initial feeling was “no way”, but after having given it some thought, just why not? You can already spend gems to reroll PvP and to switch your hero class, what’s so bad about being able to spend gems to reallocate the souls/traits of a single troop? Personally, I prefer long term benefits, so my gems go towards gem/event keys. But if it makes some players happy to micro manage some of their troops instead, why not just let them?

If can only do one per day, it would prevent the switch of four troops and however the cost in gems makes the operation not cheap.

If this really is the main issue with offering refunds, I don’t see why. Gems are much harder to obtain than souls. Traitstones, on the other hand, while easy to obtain, at least take a prohibitively long amount of time to farm for some people. I can see that being the reason they wouldn’t offer a gem respec, because there are plenty of old garbage troops that we could easily remove traitstones from without impacting stars too much. Even that, though, given an appropriate respec cost of like 50 gems would prevent abuse from most people, with the ones able to just rotate traitstones onto the newer troops being the ones already having more than enough anyways.

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