Is it worth to buy the 18.000 souls for a noob?

Hallo me again! ^^

As said in the other thread, I am a relativly new player, arount level 300 focussing on leveling up my kingdoms at the moment. For the most levels at the beginning a lot of souls (at least a lot for me) are needed to train enough troops to level 10 or 15. I allready done most of the city challenges and I have no good soul farming troop yet. The best I got at the moment is a Banshee, but the only gives a small extra amount of souls, when I use her. :confused:
When I am lucky, the weekly event is giving more souls for everys exploring with a special troop. And still it costs a lot of time to get enough souls for the cities.

Because of this I am thinking about buying 18.000 souls for 500 gems. At the moment I am about 550 gems and allready got the dragon amor, there it seems for me, there is no “must have items” I have to use my diamonds at the moment.
So are the 18.000 souls for 500 gems a good deal to speed up my progression or should I use the gems for something else as a beginner?

No, it’s a horrible deal. Buy and equip the Celestial armor, grab a somewhat decent weapon (Runic Blade qualifies) and run a few rounds Arena. With a bit of practice you’ll get 18k souls in an hour or two.


Other players will have better advice than I can offer, but I am amazed that it’s possible to hit level 300 and not have a Valkyrie.

Edit: Valkyrie, Avina, Wight, Banshee, Dark Troll, and Warg. All are epic rarity or lower, and give souls with their spell casts.

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It’s been a long time since I was in your shoes, but I would recommend against any soul purchase using gems or $. I know it feels like you’re bottlenecks at not being able to acquire enough souls to keep leveling your troops and therefore your kingdoms, but there are so many more ways to acquire souls in quantity than gems. You’ll have an overabundance of souls one day and wish you would have saved the gems for anything else. Even the 50 gem pack from the dungeon is a much better at your level than using them on souls (definitely buy the Sunday gem pack in the dungeon every week btw!)

Search your troops for ones that have the necromancy trait, get the arcanes to trait them, and team it with something like banshee, the dragon soul or valkyrie that creates souls and go to town exploring to get the arcanes you need to trait some other troops.

Alternatively, do this same thing on the challenges in each kingdom. Not only do you get your normal souls from battle but each challenge level gibes increasing extra souls to boot (and for kingdom power you will eventually need to complete the challenges anyway).

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Yes, I have Valkyrie but I didn’t use her yet, because her ability gives me less souls per use than the Banshee. I get 9 souls pre Valkyrie ability useage - that doesn’t solve my soul problem. :smiley:

@Fourdottwoone: I don’t have the Celestrial amor, only the Dragon armor and I whould’t use 500 gems just for the 50% more souls on the other armor. :confused:
Is it enough to use the Dragon armor for playing arena or is the Celestrial amor a must have?
I played some rounds of arena before and yes you get a bunch of souls - but so far it wasn’t much fun for me to play this game mode. :confused:

Sadly I have no Dragon Soul yet. I am close to 800 diamonds right now and will save them till Dragon Soul will show up in the soul forge.
I think, I just have to wait a few weaks then to farm souls effectively…
The kindom challenges are nearly all done yet. ^^

Thank you all for your advice, I will not but souls then, as tempting as it sounds for me at the moment. :smiley:

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Others may disagree but personally if you have either dragon or celestial armor I don’t recommend getting both unless you’re a completionist. Especially with so many other things to spend gems on.

I didn’t originally recommend arena because gold is precious at low level & didn’t know if you could handle it well enough to get all the way through the 8 battles. But if you can then it’s definitely worth it for souls.

@Grundulum Progression has been greatly accelerated. It’s possible to get to lvl 1,000 in about 5 weeks with an alt account now. But you will be missing essential troops…

@Maurice84 NO. It is never a good idea to exchange your premium resource (Gems or Diamonds) for a plentiful common one (Souls). Try to incorporate a few soul farming troops into your regular PvP & Explore teams. I’m not talking exclusive 4 troop farming team, but one or two over time will make an enormous impact. As indicated above buy Celestial Armor use it for Explore, Quests, and Challenges, use the Dragon for PvP.

So I should buy the C-armor now for the 500 gems in addition to the Dragon Armor I allready use?

I personally don’t think it’s worth buying both but there could be arguments for it.

If you currently don’t have a combination of troops to max out souls, +50% of 20-30 souls per battle is really minor.

There are very few things in this game worth buying, souls are one of them. The exchange rate is terrible. For the cost of leveling maybe 10 troops to maximum, you could instead buy an entire game like Breath of the Wild. Don’t do it.

It’s very, very likely you’ll pay for those souls, spend them in 5 minutes, and 3 months from now never use the troops you leveled again. Save your dollars for things that represent permanent progress. Like other games.

I personally would not buy both dragon and celestial armour at your stage. I only bought celestial after around level 1000 purely to save souls for dawnbringer weapon. Although after some progression gold does become a less important currency (unless you need to drop millions for your guild and legendary tasks etc).

As others have said, don’t waste gems on souls. You can easily farm the 18,000 in a few hours with the right team/troops etc, but getting another 500 gems would take you a lot longer.

I am totally f2p at this point and I am 100% sure to put no money into this game.
Hearthstone is the only game at the moment I spent about max. 50€ per year.

You can easily farm the 18,000 in a few hours with the right team/troops etc,

Yeah, when I am Level 1000 and have all the soul farming troops too, then for sure. :smiley:

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I bought both first thing when I could afford them, never regretted it. Dragon Armor is great for gold farming, Celestial Armor is great for soul farming. Usually you don’t do both at once, so you can easily switch based on the task at hand. The Arena payout at the end of the run gets modified by your armor bonus, meaning if you wear Celestial Armor instead of Dragon Armor while collecting it you will get 600 extra souls.

When I was a noob, I bought the soul and gold Gem bundles countless time until I maxed my kingdoms and troops. But, that was a different Gems of War. Back when when we didn’t have huge Gem Sinks every week and all that.

Would I do it now if I was a newbie? I don’t know. But it made sense for me, back in the day. While you could get gold and souls through other means, getting them with Gems was quick, instant, and I liked that. Thats just me though.

At the very least, I wouldn’t buy gold or souls with your Gems until you at least have the Celestial and/or Dragon Armor. That way, it you want to farm for gold and souls, you have the extra boost.

Honestly, though, I don’t see using Gems on Gold or Souls when you’re new, as a bad thing, in general. It helps. And, if you’re too weak (or just don’t care) about doing well in Invasions and Raids, outside of Chests (and Dungeon, if you can beat it), spending Gems on Gold and Souls can be good, in the sense that it gets you through stuff faster.

Also, if you’re not opposed to spending money, there is a thing in the shop that gives you 40K gold a day for two weeks for $20. I used that a few times, along with the Gem bundles to build my kingdoms faster.

Edit: I should mention that my experience was a bit unique. I was brought into a Top 25 Guild (at the time) when I was about lvl 100. So, I used all those Gems and money on Gold and Souls to help me max my kingdoms and troops faster, so I could help my Guild out sooner, being such a low level player, at the time. If you’re new, in a low guild and/or don’t mind grinding for everything, then the Gem or Real Money option may not be right for you. But, it was right for me at the time. And, for what it’s worth, I don’t regret it.

Lemme try and break it down. First off, there’s one thing worth saying:

It’s your money, and you can spend it how you want. If you decided you really want to spend it, then go for it. But you asked for advice, and you’re getting “it’s not worth it” from many players. It doesn’t make any sense to say, “I’m not sure if this is a good deal, can someone explain to me?” then argue with the people who you just admitted know better. It looks nicer to say, “Thanks, but I think I’m going to do it anyway.” Or not reply.

Here is why i think it is not a good idea.

This is a long game. It takes more than a year to max things like kingdom power unless you spend thousands of dollars. No one really rushes GoW because it makes no sense, economically.

Leveling your kingdom stars is a thing you do as you approach the later game because it requires souls, even after the update. So if you can’t reliably farm souls, it’s not a reasonable goal. You should spend all of your resources on acquiring ways to farm souls. That can mean “a fast explore team”, “troops like valkyrie”, or “a more reliable PvP team”.

500 gems is worth a lot of gem keys, I can’t look it up at the moment but I know for sure it will open 50. There is a tiny chance that a soul farming troop will be in there, but also a tiny chance there will be a legendary like The Dragon Soul that will be just as effective. There is an even tinier chance you will get a troop like Infernus that dramatically increases your PvP ability. So if you spend 500 gems on gem keys, there is “a small chance” you will be better at farming souls and “a large chance” you’ll just get more troops.

Let’s say, instead, you spend 500 gems on 18,000 souls. You will get the souls, which will result in what, maybe 2 new kingdom stars? Then you’re done.

I know what you are thinking. You’re looking at Khetar and imagining getting its x2 tribute means you get 40 more souls per tribute. You’re assuming 12 tributes daily and thinking “480 souls per day!”. That’s not how tribute works. Each kingdom has a pretty small chance of giving tribute. Khetar is going to be at 20% at its best. So, on average, this will mean “80 souls/day”. If you’re lucky. It will take 225 days to get as many souls as you spent the gems on.

If you’re thinking the extra gem tributes will pay off if you can double tribute chance, again: each kingdom will tribute 20%, realistically. That’s 2.4 tributes daily. You will spend 500 gems to increase your tribute gems by a teeny bit more than 2 daily. It will be 250 days before this investment pays for itself.

Now, let’s compare a “fast” soul exploring team. Let’s say you can win 1.5 matches per minute, rather than the 2-3 a high-level team can do. You don’t have Necromancy or something that generates souls, so you’ll usually get 4 souls per match. 18,000 souls divided by 4 per match means 4,500 matches. 100 matches per day will be 66 minutes of play. So if you explore for 1 hour/day, it will take 45 days to get the 18,000 souls with zero soul farming effort.

Now let’s say you farm with any of the low-rarity soul generators: Valkyrie, Wight, Banshee, Warg, Avina, etc. I’m pretty sure Avina is a quest reward so you can’t NOT have her. With any of these troops, getting an average of 30 souls per match from 1-3 activations is likely. But it will take longer, let’s say 2 minutes per match. With these numbers:

You’ll get 30 souls/match so 18,000 souls takes 600 matches. At 2 minutes per match, 1 hour per day, you get 30 matches/day. So now it takes 20 days to get 18,000 souls. Add a Necromancy troop or two and it’s much shorter, on the order of “a week”.

So to me, even in your shoes, I feel like these are the options on the table:

  • Farm 18,000 souls with a fast team over 45 days, get a lot of other rewards along the way. Use 500 gems on troops and maybe luck out and make this faster.
  • Farm 18,000 souls with a bad soul farming team over 10-20 days, get a lot of other rewards along the way. Use 500 gems on troops and maybe luck out and make this faster.
  • Use 500 gems to buy 18,000 souls and make the investment back in 220 days.

You’re not going to go 220 more days without a soul farming troop like Valkyrie. I also don’t buy that you don’t have any other soul farmer. Valkyrie is just the most useful one. In my opinion, gems->souls is a very bad investment even in your circumstances. There’s no way I can imagine 18,000 souls will make back 500 gems in the way that “opening gem chests” might. You may as well spend your money on treasure maps, at least THAT maps to gems in a realistic way.

It takes a long time to get to the high end of play you’re accusing us of estimating. If you spend money, it takes less time to get there, but there’s no way to move quickly in Gems of War for cheap. The progress you imagine will require an investment of $500 or more. The progress you’ll get will feel like nothing by the time you wake up tomorrow.

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Was this answer directed to me? If yes: It seems you misundertood my last comments. I asked if it is worth it to buy souls with gems, then most of the user said clearly “no” and then I said “thanks for the advice, so I will NOT buy souls for gems”. So I don’t argue with anyone if I should buy them nevertheless. Maybe my bad english caused this misunderstanding. ^^


I also don’t buy that you don’t have any other soul farmer.

I am new to the game so I am not save in the game terminology yet. For me Valkyrie seemed not like a “real soul farmer” because getting 9 souls for using her ability once seems just pitiful to me compared to the “real soul farmer teams” I saw on Youtube which are getting 500+ souls per fight. So yes I have some of the “soul farmers” but only the ones which give a tiny amount of souls per ability usage. (And yes I maxed the level of this minions as far as it’s possible for me at the moment.)

PS: And I never talked about spending any real money on this game. It was all the time just about the free gems, you get in the game. o.O

OK cool, so maybe I misunderstood some stuff. Let’s back up and focus on a topic that I can talk about and will help you.

Soul farming’s a spectrum. You really can’t pull off 400+ souls per match until you’re pushing very late-mid-game stats and resources. I didn’t know this at first, either. One of the first soul farming teams advertised as “cheap” I built involved Valkyrie and Warlock, but it turned out I didn’t have the stats to make it fast until I was level 700 or so.

Valkyrie is so popular because out of all the troops that generate souls, she’s the only one with a very controllable mana generation side-effect and blue happens to fill a Necromany-traited troop that can deal damage. That “turn anything to Blue” effect is useful on tons of not-soul-oriented teams, and Red/Yellow are very OP colors in this game.

To me, TDS is the real superstar of soul farming. A good TDS team can rock 3-trophy PvP and get 40 souls per match doing it. That way you can get a gold, ingots, AND souls at the same time. TDS, in many ways, makes a better Valkyrie on soul farming teams as it can fill ANY Necromancy-traited troop you have and frees you from needing Warlock specifically.

I tried to build a cheap soul farming team, but all the exercise taught me is without Valkyrie the options are underwhelming. Banshee + 3x Warlock might work, so might Avina + 3x Warlock. There just aren’t a lot of Necromancy troops that do damage in a way that accelerates winning.

But I think one of those two teams can probably pull in ~150-200 souls per combat, and that’s likely more souls in less time than you’re getting from regular matches. Until you get Valkyrie and/or TDS, soul farming will be very slow.

I now found a video on youtube, where 2x Necro minions, Avina and Pharos-Ra is used farming challenges with only undead enemies so Avina can one shot all of them.
Of course I have no Pharos-Ra, but I am experimenting with this idea. The matches are not very fast, but I get 260 souls at the end, what is “very much” for me at the moment.
The biggest problem is, that it is often difficult to give Avina enough mana. A minion which produces purple or red mana like the Giant Spider would be nice in the team - but then I get less souls at the end of the match. :confused:
The Valkyrie + 3x Warlocks team is new to me. Sadly I have only 1 Warlock at the moment (I used all to upgrade the minion). But when I have 3 Warlocks again, I will test this build for sure. :slight_smile:

The Valkyrie and 3 x warlock should work well for you. Remember the Necromancy multiples so The Valkyrie should give 27 (9 * %150 bonus for 3x Warlock). your max souls will be 100 instead of 40.

As to what took forward to… my dungeon/soul team is slow but gets the job done.

Keeper of Souls (meat shield)

Sol’Zara (can get 120 souls if she triples)

Morterra (Boss killer)

Pharos Ra (%150 bonus and if Sol’Zara has gotten 120…)

anyways slow but 160 max souls and %300 bonus I get 299 soul for dungeon fights and up to 499 depending on difficulty in other fights