Can we talk about the store prices for a minute?

I play this game a lot and often find myself wanting to throw some money over to the developers, but the prices in the store are just insulting. I have spent money just for the VIP bonuses, but every time I felt ripped off. I keep looking for something worth buying, but since there is some formula dictating the relationship between Money, Souls, Gems, Maps, Gold, Glory, etc. Everything feels like 80% too expensive.

I’m not going to discuss the entire store, I’ll just look at the subscriptions since those are supposedly the best value.

Daily Gold:
$20 for 40,000 gold/day for 15 days. That’s like 10 pvp games.

Daily Gems:
$5 for 15 Gems/day for 15 days. My expected return on gems from logging in is 5.6 (lowballing it), so this is like bonus 3 logins a day.

Daily Souls:
$5 for 700 souls/day. A fast pvp team will only get me 9 souls, so thats 78 fights, but wait my dragons team makes 90 souls (8 fights) and my souls grinding team makes 350 (2 fights).

Daily Maps:

I think you will make more money if you are more generous. I’m willing to pay, I WANT to pay, but you gotta make it worthwhile.


I think those deals are intended to target players who are earlier in the progression curve. I don’t deny that the prices are high, but a beginning player does struggle for resources (yes, including gold) so I’d imagine the offers are more appealing to them.

IDK, I think the Daily Gems are a decent value. 225 gems for $5 = about 2 cents per gem.

I agree that all the other store items are laughably overpriced. I always reckoned they were there just to make the Daily Gems look like more of a bargain. :roll_eyes:

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You want to see some stupid pricing look how many gems you get for $10 compared to $30

I would love to know where you’re getting 4k per PVP - because even my best team gets right now 2.5k without any bonuses per PVP (I’m level 1085)

Secondly I actually purchased that pack twice when I had 10 kingdoms all at 8th and 9th level and I just didn’t feel like grinding… that popped them over to 10th and voila I gets more goodies.

Thirdly, I like to every so often financially support the free games. I pay 50 dollars to go to the movies to watch a 3 hour epic ohmygoodness movie on it’s second day of opening - because I am such a freaking fan that I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD and own it (which of course we will be buying that as well since we’ve got ALL of SWs) - spending 20 every quarter doesn’t seem like that big of a problem.

To support this game that Steam says right now I have played over 3k worth of hours, and that’s just STEAM I think it’s fair.


I have a second account and I found that the daily souls for week 1 & 2 of a new player is worth it to get some cards up to a decent level to play GW and Dungeons (yes I have not done any of the other quests except Broken Spire & Drifting Sands. Currently working on Blight but it’s a bit more complex!

And NO we don’t Have Th dragon soul on the second account. It was my second week that I got Val (and yes I am in a guild that has all statues done and legendary tasks being completed.) And started even making enough souls to take care of my GW Teams

I would love to know where you’re getting 4k per PVP

Are you looking at the gold before or after battle? With armor and VIP, I have +125% gold bonus.

If all off these packages are only valuable to new players, they are missing a huge opportunity to get money out of the veteran players. I’d like to keep boosting my VIP level to get access to the VIP chests, but I can’t abide anything on the store. Again, I WANT TO PAY. Give me something worth it.

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I’m with you. Higher level players have nothing to purchase. I am over 1,000 and make souls and gold in minutes as well.

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I have 150% and match everything almost point for point except gold - 2255 and I am looking at the results

I’ve bought Gems to see if I can get those 11 missing mythics… (which I still haven’t gotten)

What level is your guild? @Taisiakat, same question to you.

Guild is level 392

Druids Vale is 359
Tasks are completed by Mid Monday and we’re averaging 8 - 10 Legendary
I just keep getting LOTS and LOTS of Legendary Troops

Weird. That’s closer than I was expecting. I am certain I remember seeing somewhere that the gold value of a 3-trophy match drops as your guild improves.

That might be it, my guild will maybe complete one guardian a week

I’m level 1,170 and I buy the 40k gold every 2 weeks since I started. That is an easy 600k I use on guild statues that I did nothing for (I usually give 3 to 4 million a week so the extra 300k from this sub just goes into that pile). The 40k a day is worth it to me. I look at it likes its 10 PvP matches “saved” a day which is at least 20 minutes a day so by my math:

40k a day X 15 days = 600,000 gold

600,000 gold if you are getting 4,000 a pvp match is 150 matches. If a match on average is 2 minutes (including loading screen 85% win rate etc) that is 300 minutes or 5 HOURS!! If $20 isn’t worth 5 hours of your time you need a new job :thinking:

(just my 2 cents) plus as other have stated I like to support the dev’s / game (even if recently they are trying to kill my vision with this wonky new UI and laser light effects show more recently)



So you basically pay a $40/month subscription and get 1/10th the gold that you already get just playing regularly, not to mention all of the other bonuses and guild rewards that dwarf that meager amount of gold.

We definitely have different value systems.

Or you can use my logic of I pay $40 a month to save 10 hours of PvP - and $40 to me is about 30 minutes of works so it’s a no brainer in my case time spent vs reward. If i enjoyed the PvP more maybe I wouldn’t do the subs but PvP at my level is about as much fun as painting for me (i hate painting)

I guess what bugs me is I don’t feel like I get a lot of “punch” for anything in my price range: $4.99 and $8.99 transactions.

I’d be entertained by goofy things like “Raise the soul cap to 45 for $4.99 for 30 days”. That’s only a 12.5% souls boost, so it’s a really bad deal compared to the Ring of Wonder. But I’d buy this “bad deal” every month, especially if it came with a dinky +gold and +xp bonus too.

I like the sound of +50% everything, but I’m not going to drop $20 in one transaction pretty much ever unless it represents significant new content.

I’m suspicious the VIP system is why I can’t find anything significant at low levels. Big purchases get you a bunch of VIP levels and you end up with a lot of content fast. Small purchases get you there eventually. I do like that I accumulate SOMETHING from little $5 purchases, but every time I have a look around I just don’t feel like there’s anything on the table I won’t get myself in < 24h.

Some weapons are pretty nifty; Sun and Moon is now my Arena weapon of choice. Or you may put away money for a Deathknight armour. +100% everything forever!