Sparkle ponies art


Well @matrim after i finish these cards i was thinking about offering my loyal viewers the chance to become fan art cards as well if you send me a message with what kind of card you would like to be in a few small descriptions nothing too detailed ill see what i can do about that i was thinking the first 6 to message me gets a card first is mythic second is legendary and so on


But that hedgehog on his back is too darn cute :laughing:


cute hedgehogs :3
If you start making player cards I feel like some kind of forum Gems of War game could happen, which troops will be the meta? xD


matty is in line for the well second player card after icy of course haha


OMG THIS IS PERFECT. Vexx has a hedgehog obsession.


and a gravity defying Tutu.


:laughing:cant forget the tutu


her hainness has just flown in


Bwahaha, So I summon minions and then steal skill points + mana off them?

Seems legit. :wink::unicorn:


yup cause why not lol :joy: but youre also stealing them off enemy ponies so youre not a total tyrant


It’s kind of like an analogy for collaboration in the workplace… summon colleagues… share ideas! Match gems!


yea lets go with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_heart:


And take their mac and cheese out of the fridge! Bwahahahaha!


I’m laughing so so so so hard at this!!!


Dont laugh too much or youll be the next one she summons and steals your food :wink:


where theres a Salt Song Alpheon isnt too far behind managers and enemies beware


And my character role as tank in any game ever continues! XD This is great, thank you @s-wolff!


get back to work or theres no telling what she can do with that dusty old stick in her bag


I LOVE IT I am so long! Do I summon an @GoldPhoenix0 ? :smirk: And does this gold pheonix use brown as well? If so that is great


funny enough his card does use brown and red lol