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Mares and gentlestallions

Your favorite neighborhood unicorn pony has just reached Level 200. It has been such an honor making it through these 200 levels but I am nowhere near done yet. 800 levels to go, and I still need several legendary troops. This is when the real game begins.

Why is this on console boards? I play on PS4. squee


Congrats, want some hot cider to celebrate me dear hoofed brother? This one is on me.

Eh, a heat wave is going through Ponyville. Make it a cold one.

With the heat wave you want a cold drink or shall i make it a shake?

I make a good shake!


Oh sweet Celestia, that shake looks delicious… salivates

On the house my dear friend. Let me know if you want another. pushes it closer to powerplay

takes and sips, sighing happily

Does it bring all the boys to the yard?

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No but girls like to watch me cook. Something about the heat or whatever. You want something cold or something hot?

why the hell am i in this thread


you know for a long time ive been against furrys and mlp stuff but since im into psychadelics i really cant be bothered anymore in fact i wish i lived in a cartoon myself now. lol…

also… almost fully traited mist stalker, how cool is that!

continues happily drinking his shake