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Warfare is Magic…

New Troop: The Silvermaiden

The Silvermaidens are servants of the Realm of Silverglade, neither answerable entirely to the King, not to Krystenax the Crystal Dragon, they are powerful allies of both, able to maintain an independence that allows them the freedom to solve their Kingdom’s problems.

The current Silvermaiden has unfortunately had to waste much of her recent time trying to stop the King’s eldest (and most annoying) daughter, Elspeth, getting into trouble.

There will be a bonus troop, the Archdruid, available in Glory Bundles this week.

Also being added straight to chests is the Bugbear.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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bugbear and archdruid already available? good. no purple/green rune this week (for wulgarokk), but not a big deal, they look funny unit too play.
btw, it’s look like ps4/xbox wont be late anymore in couple of week/month… nice!!


We are currently working on getting the content release synced between PC/Mobile and console. You’ll start seeing more troops available for glory or being added directly to chests in the coming weekly events.


@Saltypatra you guys and girls doing awesome job! Keep up the good work!!

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Please don’t be too shy in the next few weeks/months overloading the Glory Rewards section of the Shop if choosing a place to release them. I for one, really appreciate the Arcane Traitstones that come with Glory Troops.

Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop as what the plans are.


Any idea when the Spring Imp is added to chests? (Or has that already happened?)

Many thanks for the new troops! :smiley:

I believe April 1. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a bonus glory troop next week.

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Not anymore 2 event key on glory bundle, but gold and glory keys… Bug or greedy? :neutral_face:


Yeah I noticed that as well. I think PC has been doing this for a while. I think they just changed it to match PC.

Imp of love is in chests, not sure if that’s new. Bug bear is new.

Not by ps4 right now… anyone tell me what troops are all available for glory this week and what color arcane stones they have (and they number that comes bundled with them?)

That would be awesome… thanks!

Silvermaiden 1x blue/green(spirit) 350 glory
Archdruid 1x yellow/green(light) 250 glory

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And btw @Sirrian im not happy you guys decided to remove event keys from glory bundles :cry:


Elspeth might be my favorite female character card. Loved the quest too.

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…but wouldn’t silvermaiden give blue/purple, like her color? Also, usually epic or higher gives 2 stones instead of just one… is something odd going on?

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Yup sorry lol blue purple x1 troop and 2 arcane stones and 4 minor blue 10 gold keys and 5k gold and 2 glory keys

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It sounds like you knew the answer before you even asked the question…

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It isn’t. Imp of Love has been there since first week of February (in time for Valentine’s day). Should be switching to Spring Imp next week sometime, but I don’t know if it happens on the first of the month or on some particular day of the week, like the first Friday of the month.

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Yup got her mythic long time ago

The only troop listed was silvermaiden. Last week they also only listed 1 troop but had 3 for glory purchases (2 they didn’t announce on here).

That’s what I was trying to see. The unlisted troops