CONSOLE: The Right To Arm Bears

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This week might be full of bad puns. Just bear with us!

New Troop: Urska Wanderer

The Urska occasionally go wandering when food in their home kingdom, Urskaya, becomes scarce. Barbearius is a well known wanderer, often found in Maugrim Woods, but even more Urska can be found in Stormheim, many of them working as mercenaries.

New Troop: Snowy Owl

Snowy Owls are found in the northern tundra from Stormheim, right through the Glacial Peaks. They hunt at night with their excellent night-vision, and have been known on occasion to take down a large deer for food!

Also available in Glory Bundles this week is the Minogor.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Kingdom and trait stones anyone?

Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but Minogor is from Wild Plains, and is also Red/Green Ultra-Rare, so same arcanes (colours and price) as Urska.

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It’s a save glory week. :sunglasses:

Not for me ,i will mythic them like usual :slight_smile:


urskaya… futur kingdom in the future? was wondering, why in this game, they dont have a good old bear… probebly a common unit for this kingdom…
btw quite curious now about this (maybe future) kingdom.

ps : (really stupid) question, this kingdom have good relationship with maurgrim wood kingdom? normally bear and wolf dont like each other, but bearbarious can be find there, so is quite mysterious … halalala

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@Sirrian can you tell us if we can hope to see Silverglade this friday? Or this is Top Secret?

We answered that before the weekend.


My bad @Nimhain i thought it was not sure at this time , ty for the reply

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There you all go hiding secrets again…

Just once give us some answers! You already did? Oh hehe nevermind, have a blessed day.


Come on… release a Glacial Peaks or Blackhawk event… my Event Keys ae getting restless ;-;


Hey Guys,

We’ve found an issue where the Minogor bundle is giving out Snowy Owl by mistake. We will be getting a fix out asap (hopefully within the next hour).

Damn, turns out when I try and contribute to the forums I am still too late to report a bug. Haha 15 mins after reset.

Just bought the Snowy Owl bundle and noticed it was just x1. Is this intentional or is it supposed to be x3? Other common troops from previous glory bundles contained x3 for common troops.

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Also noticed that the Weekly Event weapon still says Chaos Blade, but when you go into the details, it lists Frost Reaver as the weapon for the bundle.

Yeah came here to report the Snowy Owl x1 bug. It should definitely be x3. Luckily I noticed after only buying one pack.

We just noticed that as well. It’s meant to be 3 and should be fixed shortly, along well Chaos Blade text on the weapon bundle for the week.

Anyone know if this is fixed yet?

Shops fixed.

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Yeah, I got what I needed a couple of hours ago. Opened 50 vip and got another sodding war. Ffs