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Warfare is Magic…

New Troop: The Silvermaiden

The Silvermaidens are servants of the Realm of Silverglade, neither answerable entirely to the King, not to Krystenax the Crystal Dragon, they are powerful allies of both, able to maintain an independence that allows them the freedom to solve their Kingdom’s problems.

The current Silvermaiden has unfortunately had to waste much of her recent time trying to stop the King’s eldest (and most annoying) daughter, Elspeth, getting into trouble.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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@Sirrian are we getting any event key only legendaries soon? It feels like it has been forever since the last one.

Yes… but what is the quest of the week?



Aww man :disappointed:

Why don’t we get info on upcoming events too? :frowning:


Holy Armor? Hmm… I bet Emperor Khorvash’s stoneskin gets replaced with this.

Since you are adding different forms of mitigation, maybe you could add cast damage mitigation, different forms of skull reflect damage, cast reflect damage, and troops with a % chance to negate a specific color spell from casting. :wink:


Was kind of hoping for a “Reduce damage from skulls and spells by 33%” trait. Not sure where 40% vs 50% reduction in skulls is all that meaningful.

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Yes there is no meaning in so many different skull damage reduction traits… With 50%, you can fastly estimate how much damage you’re going to do but 40%…

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Foreshadowing for future troops maybe? Maybe we’ll get to see some of Elspeth’s younger sisters in the future? :smiley:

40% isn’t too hard to estimate. You do 3 damage for every 5 unmitigated.

I didn’t say “hard” but not-that-fast compared to 50% reduction… But thanks for the lesson :wink: .

Other point it’s going to be horrible to remember which troops have the 25% or 40% or 50% or 75% or 80% skull reduction traits…

How many younger sisters? I already refer to her as Princess Kardashian.


To each their own, I suppose. This particular hardship is one I can suffer, personally.

Cool troop, a little too defensive for me, but to each their own. Solid blue/purple front troop tho. :slight_smile:

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With +9 magic from kingdoms/guild, at mythic that is +15 armor and life per cast, plus whatever yellow you destroy. At 40% reduction that is at least 50 skull damage gained per cast, plus barrier. With cleanse for any freeze/stun/death mark. Pretty beefy.

And you gain mana for destroyed row too.


Beefy but unfortunately it buffs armor, so the additional damage resistance is offset by making Bone Dragon even stronger.

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