My Little Unicorn

Too much armor, put her in a bikini to make her more swift.

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Many it’s just me, but I feel some of these ideas are very nice. And maybe silence can make a comeback as right now silence only feels like a status which is just irritating against skull spam

Ask the Devs if they can make the non armor bug permanently for you.

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OMG that’s hilarious

Leader + Avenger actually makes sense if she’s around Elspeth the team killer.

… still a silly combo though.


I second this notion.

Yea… but who would she be “avenging” against?..

I’ve always viewed Avanger is anger towards the loss of a team mate… so she gets angry that Elspeth killed a team mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, it’s daft and useless.

Nice troop though. That does a helluva lot for 12 mana. Suspect we will be seeing her on point a lot. Just wish that any of the other 70+ useless Epics were this good. Maybe time to visit the buffs thread, and hope devs are reading…

I was being slightly facetious…

In other news, 400p for ONLY Glacial Peaks enemies? Outside of challenges that’s fairly ridiculous. And challenges are boring.

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Agree… mixed bag of events this week.

The +1 traitstone for using a strong new troop in PvP is pretty good. Especially as she’s getting the +25% as well as being beefy already.

The Snots challenge sucks. Mab is the only Glacial Peaks troop that appears in PvP, and getting one Snot per 3 PvP matches doesn’t sound like a great way to get to 400.

The last Glacial Peaks challenge yields four Snots fairly quickly - though with two legendaries there, a single Bombot isn’t enough to wipe them so it’s not super-quick. Adding a Dust Devil does the trick though. EDIT: ach, no, that leaves Mab on 1 HP… hmmmm… thinking…

edit: nvm its myStic

did anybody noticed this week event stat bonus to mythics is all bugged up?
i just restarted steam (had a small update) and its still the same

most of my natural mythics dont get the bonus, and some random low rarity (non silverglade) mythics are getting the buff

Also, is it just me or is Krystenax’ ability damage not being improved by the 25%?

The troop boost is towards the MYSTIC troop type. Not mythic troop rarity.


ah thank you that would explain it xD :sweat_smile:

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Yeah traitstone event or how to pill more yellow traitstones… :frowning:
Is there any news for this issue:

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Might not be the first to do this, but the first to post here!

All your Snots are belong to us :smiley:


You Sir are truly a snotmaster.


Jumping Jehosaphat how on Earth?

Pulled this off today