My Little Unicorn

20 pvp battles down and my results are almost the same like Janius:


83 pvp battles done, and i’m halfway there. Living on a prayer. 1956 pick up sticks.

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you sir, are scary. I’ll be lucky to complete it by end of week.

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I see what you did there. As a pony, I have to clap my hooves. As a unicorn, I must poke you repeatedly with my horn. :unicorn: :upside_down:

Gold Chests say they will update in 13 days, which align with Monday Feb 6th. But there is nothing to be added, all commons and rares are (to my knowledge) available and even if a new one was available next week it would be a month before it got added.

Wonder what is going on, or perhaps it is just as far as the calendar goes.