Hello Ladies!

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/incubus-event/
(Insert bad pickup line here)

New Troop: Incubus

Q. Why should the girl Daemons have all the fun?
A. They shouldn’t!
So here’s the Incubus, fresh from the Blighted Lands (quite fresh actually), arriving just ahead of Valentine’s Day to steal your Significant Other’s heart.

New Legendary Troop: Dark Monolith

Inspired by the Holy Warriors of Whitehelm who built the Archon Statues, the Daemons of the Blighted Lands have begun construction of something even more terrifyingly powerful - the Dark Monoliths - because nothing says “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” quite like a giant burning statue of a Daemon Lord at your front gate.

The Dark Monolith will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, Guild, and VIP chests in 4 weeks’ time.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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It’s a little early for announcement, isn’t it?

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We did a bad job of explaining the announcement times to Saltypatra, and I think she got GMT and AEDT mixed up on some stuff!


Salty putting stuff out early for us. Yay Salty. Give them what they want!


Yeah I was gonna say… ‘this is not 10am dev time’. Post titled ‘Hello Ladies!’ - has Sirrian been hacked again?

Love the art on the legendary, spooky.

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So cheeky look on the ultra rare. Surely a ladies event! :sweat_smile:
Can’t wait to get my hands on them…lol

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Wonder will someone complain about male looks :stuck_out_tongue:
Have to say i love the whole design of this ultra rare, how his spell fits his character.


HA HA HA! :joy_cat:

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We all kinda asked for this in the community (jokingly), and they gave it to us. I’m only now imagining Dokkalfar re-“buffed.”

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Yea awesome, too bad not for console.:japanese_goblin:


He doesnt beat the cheekiness/ugliness and Daemon like look of Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones tho…But close enough…Pretty good art work on both the troops! :slight_smile:


Beautiful artwork on these two troops, we’ll (console players) have to wait a long time before we get our hands on these guys though.

Yay cool new troops… sadly though this wasn’t the announcement of the new Gems Dating Service…

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A “match-3” dating service sounds pretty exciting…


Especially when you get a bonus for matching 4 or more :wink:


Go ahead and copyright GemsofLove right now…

We just need Lyya to start working on the website.


I can take care of the GIF’s on the site. Just call me the GIF-Master.


Now if we could just “trick” @Saltypatra into releasing the information on the event bonus/tasks along with the new troops…


I presume boost to blight troops and to daemons :smiley:

I can’t help it but when I hear the name Salty Patra I am thinking of some form of salty liquorice… Gimme some Salty Patras…


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