Sparkle ponies art


Kafka is banhammering Dev Cliffy in his sleep :wink:

Community Creativity Thread (Art, Music, Sculpture, Memes, Etc.)


p.s also not surprised dev cliffy is the sleepy dev :wink:


Nim and phoenix are in the next installment hehehehe


I am a pony and I approve of this message.


Ohhh when do I come in :smirk:


@cyrup SOONtm


Your next installment is here Dev Nimhain and Dev phoenix enjoy more crazy antics on our next episode




Who is ready for our dev diva and her security pony?


This thread is going places!


Haha that’s awesome.
My girlfriend will be very jealous that I got ponyfied before her. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s so me!!!


I am loving these. XD Thank you @s-wolff!


My pleasure im still trying to figure out whats going on in the world of sirrians head but when i do ill be posting him and cyrup until then i have an idea for oz and one for vexx + dee also no pics on mondays sorry all but 2 guilds worth of reqs to make :wink: just keep tuning in


I think mongo got to the portal to the human world and crashed it before ozball got all the way through :wink: can twilight sparkle save the day before all panic breaks loose? Will we ever know?


I love it! :joy:


Woo! It me! Am I a centaur pony? :open_mouth:


Yup you didnt fully become human form before the portal got broken naughty mongo always with the crashing stuff


Who do you think is right? who will win the fight? Will it be Cyrup and her pet unikitty Dee? Or Vexx and his pet hedgehog Sporky?


I have one last drawing on the schedule for you all our remaining dev pony Sirrian i will release him by the end of this week and then will be taking a break atleast until my new ink supply arrives and im less busy its been great having you all tune along to this thread thank you all so much for the likes :kissing_heart: