Sparkle ponies art


THIS IS AMAZING, I HAVE A LEGACY AND I AM NOW A HA HA BOI-LONG-PONY. Thank you for making my day :heart_eyes:

Vexx has the coolest spiky wings!!


Nah its his gravity defying tutu thats around his body but just kinda floating around him lol


Vexx said “Oh my gosh, yes, that’s fantastic”


Is Sirrian really a pony with a hot lady ferret for a mane? Or is he perhaps a drunk ferret lost in his dreams? Ill let you choose


Awesome work there @s-wolff

I’m going to interpret it philosophically and say it’s a reflection of the duality of life. We are all both the ferret AND the pony…

Some days we get to leap around with joy and hug pretty things.
Other days, we get accosted by overdressed rodents with no appreciation for personal space, when all we want to do is sit and drink our coffee.



:joy: ok lets go with that


I designed the whole card outline and all so its truly entirely fan art im going to post one dev card per week enjoy




this is very clever and fits her perfectly hehe


All sparkle ponies will have shimmer and a unique trait


Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the unique traits! :smiley:


everybody run, she has a gun!! i mean HAMMER!!!


You are truly talented!


WOW that is a powerful spell!!


I love it mwahaha
Thanks @s-wolff


KAFKA IS GONNA DOMINATE. (Not like that’s anything new.)


well in the good news shes not immune to stun silence or blind :sunglasses:


also i may have gotten the rarity wrong it is a strong card for an ultra rare it should possibly be an epic or legendary


so my friends and loyal followers i have 2 new cards for you today


Where do I sign up to be a hedgehog herder?!?!