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Best petition for horse avatar

I hate vanity items and I think they’re stupid but if you make an avatar that looks like a pony or a horse I am a giant sucker and I will buy it and hate myself.

I will also change my name to “Slypenslyde (Why the long face?)”.

I mean, being a wolf is cool. But the puppy pads are expensive and I keep having to buy new coffee tables because when I get distracted I chew a leg off. And it’s harder to eat carrots with these chompers.

Plus then you can also buy - wait for it - horse armor!


It seems to me that you are saddled with an unbridled passion for this potential avatar. It should be a cinch for you to stirrup more commentary about it.


Someone pointed me at this thread!
I figured I should quit stalling and pony up a reply.

Ordinarily, I’m quite a neigh-sayer about purely cosmetic items too, but I think some quality equine content could be our mane focus in the future. And if anybody on the dev team doesn’t think the game is stable enough to handle it, I will shout otherwise until I am hoarse.

Also… I quickly cropped this bit of art out for you… a spoiler perhaps?



I :hearts::sparkling_heart: that art. I hope a horse kingdom is on the horizon. :smiley:

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Sometimes you tell an artist “draw a half man / half horse” and you’re expecting a Centaur, but magic happens, and you get back sexy horse guy…




That begs the question, this sexy horse guy a centaur because he’s half horse, half man?



I couldn’t resist.
(but actually it should be 1/2 and 2/3, but whatever)




Now if we could just get a half-centaur or two.

Aww man, I didn’t get any notification that 5 people liked my post. Feature is broken? :C (anyway, thanks for the likes! xD)

Also it is VERY INTERESTING to think of why some of that art might have been cropped out. How long is that loincloth?

I still want my Dwarf avatar back that I paid for, after it disappeared at the last update. :cry:

Yeah, I should probably send a ticket… :laughing:

This is excellent. It’s like a Reverse Centaur.

(new profile pic!)

You should get a notification for the first like, but you won’t get more notifications for the same post within 24 hours (so 1 notification per post per day).

Also I’m loving the art!

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Ahh, that makes sense. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve just said something so ground-breaking that it’s made everyone quiet.

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Make a pony race! Call it Equus, for the classification that Krystara would likely give it. also let us color its mane and tail any color and put something on its ass. It’ll be brilliant!

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:thinking: If there is a race of equine anthros…
Would ponies be something like hobbits?