Dear Sparkle Ponies,

I’m gonna say this as politely as I can and remove all the epithets (of which there were 17, in the original):

Please stop registering for guild wars. Or play to your level, so that those of us in more casual guilds don’t get our day ruined when we see who we’re facing today.

Every guild not full of devs.


I’m glad you toned down the post. I feel like there’s way too much anger in the forums. I’ve always loved seeing Sparkle Ponies. I remember when we passed them on the trophy leaderboard, but it never occurred to me that they would be participating in guild wars.

What bracket are you in? Are they dominating the bracket? In general, I think it’s a very good thing that they are actually playing the game because it allows them to share in the player experience. However, I could see how a loss to them in guild wars might seem unfair.

I have always gotten the impression that the Sparkle Ponies accounts don’t cheat but are just the regular accounts being played by the devs, but hopefully @Saltypatra can confirm this.


I have actually asked @Nimhain about this quite some time ago so im not even gonna try to find it… And she did say that they played those naturally just like anyone else


I think it would be a very good idea if they played in bracket 1 for weeks on end just to see the misery of the meta defense teams at the top end of the game. Maybe then they would do something to fix what is effectively killing end game.


Sirrian: “Nimhain, quick, dial down that gem spam algorithm. We’re fighting MAB teams in GW!”


Rawr and I are in the same guild. We are in bracket 44 (Ranks 431-440). And I would happily play against a MAB team.

The issue our guild is having is that we are a casual guild. We welcome new players all the time as we remove inactive members (those that haven’t logged in over a month). When our new players go up against the developers (who are rocking fully traited teams that also use the event buffs) they get very discouraged and are unlikely to continue playing the game. Multiple times have they said they must not be leveled up enough to play in the GW and they don’t try again.

I enjoy seeing just how powerful the teams the developers come up with but it seems to have a negative effect on our guild. I love that the GW have encouraged me to make new teams using the daily mana color. But when we play against the developers you have very little chance of winning unless you have a board control build, in my experience anyway. So, again forced to playing what I know and not trying to make a new team.

This is our 3rd or 4th week going up against the developers. At least they didn’t kick us as much this week as they did on the Centaur event week.


I guess my question is why the dev guild is so low, if their player level is so high. Low activity by the devs? Far from being a full guild?

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I can confirm that we play normal accounts in Guild Wars. We are also a more casual guild that isn’t full, and we don’t have a lot of high level players. (I am only level 53 or so for example.)

On top of this, a lot of us don’t play all our battles if our weeks are particularly hectic. (This is mostly me, I’m so sorry Sparkle Ponies, I know I’m the worst.)




Make @Ponkie happy and set easier defense teams in gw.

Okay - so I need to bring a little context to this…

  1. These are our legit accounts, not test/hacked/super-power accounts… we play on these the same as you guys.

  2. We actually kinda suck as a guild, because we frequently have people too busy to play… so we pretty much constantly drop brackets… consequently our week so far looks like this:

  3. That means we’re currently about to be 1 of 5 for wins, and coming second last in bracket 44… I’m not really sure we’re much of a threat to anybody!! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I get what you’re saying… I’ll let the guys & gals know to put in some fun defense teams for you all in Herald/Champion/Paragon.


Omg you guys suck sirrian!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know right! :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fully honest, I was mostly upset with my own results this morning, but the woe in our guild chat the last time y’all came up as our opponents was just as ponkie described it. Are a lot of guilds made up of one or two high level players and the rest a big mix? That may be part of our problem, too. I dunno. I don’t usually have too much of a problem myself, but that team with all the shields and health over 100 crushed me this morning… I was angry, but this is truly a good-natured call-out, not a 'hey, stop cheating, you Cheaty McCheatfaces" kinda thing.

Thank you for responding. I never doubted that these weren’t your actual accounts. I enjoy the challenge and seeing the stacked teams you come up with. Teams like the ones you brought this week and Centaur week are not what we ever see at our low rank. We just don’t have the souls or traits to level up troops that will only be used for one week.

I was commenting on behalf of my guild members. I hate to see them so defeated. And I thank you again for hearing us.

What I find most interesting is that our guild has played 36 games today to your 10 and you almost won. That’s a clear discrepancy in player skill/troop pool/guild statue bonus. I hope for the future of this game that that can be improved upon someday, somehow.

Anyway, I am very appreciative that you’ll look into using some less sweaty teams in the future. I’ll be looking out for them as I’m sure we will be matched up again soon.

(Emphasis added.) The guild statue difference is an intentional design decision. It’s supposed to reward guilds that have been very active for a very long time. As your guild spends gold on tasks, your statue bonuses will increase just like the top guilds’ (and Sparkle Ponies’) did. You’re just not there yet.

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How magestic does someone have to be to get into the Sparkle Ponies? How is that selection made?

Getting into Sparkle Ponies is extremely difficult. They have hire standards than most guilds. It takes quite a while to develop yourself into the kind of person they want. You may be waiting a very long time – like, infinity plus two – before finally getting an invite.


I am not one with the sparkle pony. Just wondering is all. I don’t think it has ever been discussed publicly and I thought it was only reserved for Devs. Not that it NEEDS to be discussed, but merely hoping.


@Grundulum, I believe the response to the query is hidden in the message. :rofl:

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