Wolff's card art


I have a thread called sparkle ponies art I was posting these on but then I started making non dev cards for players so I think I need a new thread thats a bit more general for my cards so here we go

Sparkle ponies art
Community Creativity Thread (Art, Music, Sculpture, Memes, Etc.)

her shirt says i want to play but her pants say i want to look good while doing it


dont gamble with this scoundrel you might lose more than a few dollars


shes cold cool and cosmic shell put stars in your eyes when you see her


we cant forget our dev team


vexxs faithful pet


faith/squishy is out to hug you in tight squishes


WOW! Awesome Stuff! Haven’t had the chance to go through and read and look at each one in too serious of depth, but I definitely want to comment on this to at least save it for later to look at again!


Yay! Thanks Foxy! That’s so cute!!! :cat::heart::squid::heart_eyes_cat:


Haha… great one for Faith!


dont trust our mischievous friend here she will astound and amaze you right into trouble


I love it!!! The dungeon (and my little sleeping dragon ) is perfect DND. Thanks so much Icy Wolff!!!


I like smoke ball XD clever


happy birthday craziness dont fill up on too many souls :smile:
is that a nice martini or an evil concoction of concentrated essence of peoples souls


Happy birthday, Crazy Lady <3

Great card, Icy! I like the martini (___“ginger juice”___) the bestest.


when the moon is full and the night is deep and war is raging dont be fooled by her cuteness shes smart fierce and has friends


Great art, s-wolff! I really miss your creative cards creations!

Now let’s hope that Full Moon trait work its way to the main game eventually…


I love it Wolfy…thank you so much :hugs::bouquet:


a needle in a haystack is easier to find than this stick in a forest

(thanks for having a good sense of humor skb :wink:)


Dont mess with this Dragon unless you want to be Taxed into oblivion