The new meta on consoles

I have found a team that will win you just about every match you play.

Stone Giant

Running this group makes for easy victories once you cast Luther’s spell a couple times. …Unless you’re facing a Devour-proccing Kerberos. Screw that card >:( Anyway, it works for me. It would probably work even better with traits; Luther’s first trait, Leader, is an absolute must.

The reason it’s on here in the category shown is because I run this game via PS4. This will probably work better on PC, where you’re gonna find a lot more players, but this group of 4 works on console as well.

Which banner do you recommend @PowerPlay?

I’m pretty sure the banner would be 2x brown.

It should be obvious; they’re all Broken Spire troops. To get the most out of it you need that banner.

Oh, and to get this out of the way now, yes, my profile pic is my OC. I’m a brony.

Welcome. Since we recently had furries describing theirself, it would be nice if you told us about your OC and possibly about the brony fandom here: Enter into this dungeon if you are Furry or otherwise are interested in them - #5 by Tacet

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My daughter is huge into MLP, so I know more about ponies than most guys myself. You’ll find no hate from me :smiley:

Back on topic, my Main Team is doing absolute wonders for me as well. I have lost about 6 PvP matches out of the 400-500 I have had since the Update;

Bone Dragon**
with the Khaziel banner

thanks for the notice i appreciate it,

jion us in the dungeon of furrydom too please.

Your little girl likes MLP? Who’s her favorite pony? Mine may be the most common answer, but it’s Rainbow Dash.

It’s probably a tie between Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Rarity is around 3rd now… AJ hasn’t gotten a lot of development, and Rarity… I just don’t “get” fashion. I like Pinkie Pie though :slight_smile:

MLP…somebody shoot me plz

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Don’t ask for things you don’t want, Hairy.

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks to this post had the “My little pony” advert theme in my head all day…grrrr

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Pinkie pie and fluttershy are my favorites. New meta on consoles is Mlp.

Ok, so now I’m afraid to ask what a “meta” is.

Somehow I don’t think you’re talking about the ol’ CTRL-ALT-DELETE keyboard function to reboot a crash…

The word “meta” is short for “metagame”. “Metagame” is a slang term that refers to a set of rules, patterns or circumstances that represent the way a given game is played by its players.

For example, skull damage is very effective, easy to come by, and able to be reproduced by a great number of card combinations. So, players often create teams that revolve around making the best use of skull damage. So, the “meta” might reflect a trend of skull damage teams.

Lets say the developers wanted to respond to this and increase armor on all units in an attempt to slow down skull damage teams. You’d likely see the metagame shift towards teams that could remove armor or ignore armor and and attack health directly.

If the developer wanted to combat skull damage by reducing its raw damage output, you might see players migrate towards teams that are ability-dependent. Players may put together teams where mana can fill up quickly so that abilities can be cast repeatedly in succession. So, those teams might consist of exploders (for mana generation), low mana cost cards, transformers, etc… The meta would shift to account for the change in skull damage.

Players are extremely good at finding the most efficient way to do something in a game. As the game changes, the players will alter their strategies. That is the “meta”.


Exactly. Before, I could run Gorgotha-Alchemist-Druid-Banshee and win almost every fight. Now, with all the boosts due to traits, higher monster levels and ascension? I need to kill the enemy team as quick as possible and Luther-Stone Giant-Sheggra-Terraxis gives me that ability. Skulls are the meta for me now; it wins me 99% of battles.

The one percent? Kerboros procs. :worried:

I have to say pinkie pie or Big McIntosh (uh Yup!) are my favorites.

My favorite little pony comes medium rare with a side serving of fries and ketchup…

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