Sparkle ponies art


beware this donkeys kick not only can it knock you out and break a rib or 2 but it feels like its on fire


whats stronger cliffys snoring or kafkas silencing banhammer? kinda explains alot doesnt it? :wink:


“Enrage myself. Silence myself” :joy:


Thats all based on the backstory of him dreaming that hes in a great battle and hes kinda like sleep walking except hes sleep fighting so hes kinda got like the whole battle rage going on but then when the war is over he wakes up and falls peacefully back to sleep until kafka whacks him over the head for snoring with her silence hammer :wink:


is this a cat or perhaps a lion? i know maybe shes a bit of both! and for good measure well throw in some unicorn cause why not? :woman_shrugging:


a true troop of destruction he even broke the portal between equestria and earth when he went through


YES! I love this spell so much! Trait is pretty awesome too!

poses as the Centaur of attention

Yes, blatent ripoff of recent Centaur puns in other threads


pawhahaha you ham


That’s actually a REALLY neat idea for a spell…
< takes notes for a future troop >


Meet our newest rarity our first Olympian Sirrian and his beautiful Renee


my first player card is myself before my latest name change and the next few cards will be made after a few players in the game as i have the time to make them

i also included the big version cause i love her so much :heart_eyes:


You did an amazing job! I love your card and it’s a great representation of yourself. :heart::heart::heart:


what a scoundrel, what a cheat, dont push your luck vs this playa

(yes our matrim is a she but her dashing friend here is all male :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Ahahaha aaaaaa aaaaaa icy!!! You bloody gem of a guildie! You even gave me keys to the intrim HQ and a badger in a bag. XD

Best pony ever!


See I thought you were a dude @Matrim! Despite what other folks said. Let this be the final verdict on the matter! :grinning:
Great job @s-wolff… I’m jelly of all those that can draw… Then jellier of those who do it very well like you.


lol i didnt know you could edit quotes :stuck_out_tongue: and thank you for the compliment hehe



i will be posting all new cards as well as have posted all the previous cards on that thread there is also a new card on here right now ^