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Hello all! There’s a great number of randomly distributed Soul Farming questions out there. I thought I’d create a guide of what works best for me in the official forums for guides. As people feed me corrections and additions, I’ll update this guide. Comment below with those corrections and additions.

UPDATE: January 25th, 2016

-Updated Costume Modifications via mattlistener
-Updates Costume Math IronyMan

UPDATE: August 26th, 2015

-Updated correct invite code
-Added: Costume bonuses into guide - Via MarvelKit & melkathi
-Added: Treasure Maps - Brakkish
-Added: Guild Tasks

Please feel free to add to this with your own version of what you enjoy using.


The devs asked for a invite code. There it is. Win.


There are a few solid ways to farm Souls.
-Battles (caps at 40)
-Costumes (Adds bonuses to earned souls)
-Glory (40 for 15 glory)
-Treasure Maps
-Guild Tasks

If there are more, forgive me and I’ll edit.

THE BEST - Challenges + Troops + Costume

I’ll just skip to the best for the sake of those that want their answer NOW. The most favorable, easy, and highest yield, are the CHALLENGES. You combo that with Troops & Costumes to give yourself the max possible each time.

Challenge math. 20 Kingdoms, 7 challenges each, 5 battles per challenge. Soul gain per challenge is 5 + 10 + 15 + 20 + 100 + 20 (4 per battle for the foes you vanquished) equals a total gain of 170 souls per challenge. That equals 23,800 total souls available from challenges with no modifications. This is a lot of Souls! (Thanks melkathi & IronyMan! ^_^)

Note about Costumes:
Costumes only grant their bonus to Battles, Challenges, Defense, and Quests.
There are 7 Costumes that yield a bonus. The best being Celestial Armor.

Celestial Armor - 500 Gems

+50% Gold
+100% Souls
+50% XP

The catch with armor, is that they cost Gems. These can be extremely difficult to obtain. You can earn them from:
Guild Tasks
In Battle (rare)

This isn’t to discourage you from farming until you’ve got this pricey costume, but it is certainly more rewarding to see a double your Soul earnings each Challenge or competed anything in fact.

SECOND BEST - Invasion / Rank + Troops + Armor

Yielding both high gold, rank, glory each day, and souls? Yes please!

Now it needs to be said that this isn’t easy either, hence it ranked lower. Player decks are nasty at higher ranks. A soul farming deck isn’t the best for killing players. You’ll need to capitalize on the AI mistakes.

Watch for a full mana opponent. If you can’t handle its cast, leave a set of skulls up to try and buy a turn for mana. AI will foolishly take the skulls every time. Sounds bad? Not if you know that extra turn buys you the time you needed to win.

Lastly, Rank 1 will give you 300 souls as a reward. JUICY! Worth the climb.


Though the Arena does give you a higher yeild of souls per game vs a standard battle (400 / 8 = 50), it’s also difficult for some and only a better option if you can master all 8 wins each time. I encourage this method for vets who have gotten exceptionally good at the game and have also cleared all challenges.

FOURTH BEST - Guild Tasks

This is a solid way to earn the, passively. You’ll need a guild, active members, and gold to progress through the tasks. They may take time if you don’t have an active guild.

NOPE - Glory, Tribute, Defense, Treasure Maps

These last ones shouldn’t be banked on. They are random, or costly. Save Glory for new weapons and cards each week. Way more with it. Treasure maps do get you some souls, but for the time invested, you’d be much better with other methods.


KINGDOM - Pridelands

+2 Red Mana Bonus

BANNER - Stoneheim

Buffs the weak Valkyrie










It’s really strait forward.
Valk pumps Acolyte pumps Brian x 2. Use Brian as many times as you can. You might notice a terrifying doubling effect with him if magic gets going.

Brian can literally make your team unbeatable. I’ve buffed deep into the double digits just for funzies. It was overkill, but still fun to watch.

Acolyte buffed with magic, will clear the board. I think it even gets you a treasure map every time. I’ve got 50+ maps right now. No idea when I’ll use them…

Give this team a shot. Have fun.


I think it’s good to mention the fact that costumes gets you +50, +75 or even +100 percent (Celestial) souls. Completing the arena thus gives you 800 souls. Hard to beat that with any of the other methods. :smiley:


Good call. I’ll edit those in.

Thanks MarvelKit!

Great work @Skippygammons!
I wasn’t able to find your invite code unfortunately, could you double check it for me? I’ll send 15 Gems your way once I find it!

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It’s in there from my original edit, but I’ll put it here too.


Ah I mean I can’t actually find that in Gems of War! :slight_smile: I’ve actually just looked through manually, and can’t find anything that looks like that. Can you check it on your hero screen?

I feel that Challenges are best left until you have a good soul farming outfit like Celestial. Especially if in an active guild that provides its members with a steady income of gems.
As challenges will only provide their reward once, that outfit can be the difference between getting 100 or 200 souls per each mastered challenge. At 18 Kingdoms, 7 challenges each, that makes 12600 souls.

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Another soul farming mine-up I find enjoyable: Alchemist + Valkyrie + Banshee + whichever you choose. I go with my hero and the weapon I feel like using this day, another player I know goes with Finley. Your opponent will just never play. Ever. Pretty fun against the eternal green line-ups like Webspinner / Venoxia / Goblin Shaman…

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Currently my favourite team is a slighly different version of the classic farming team : Alchemist - Terraxis - Valkyrie.
The 4th troop is usually my hero with a green and / or purple weapon. I tried to use Venoxia but it didn’t work so well.
At first, I thought it wouldn’t work because of the poor variety of colours, but it’s great. The opponent never plays and Terraxis inflicts 8 or 9 damages to all the enemies each turn. It’s fun and fast.
The only problem is I get at a least a treasure map nearly each time.

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You can also get souls from treasure maps (as well as glory, gems, and keys, which can lead to more souls). Perhaps not the most efficient method, but worth noting.

My two cents: Arena is second best, and PVP is third. The rank and defense soul rewards aren’t that high and can’t be earned very often. When you win in the arena, you get a lot more souls and can earn them as often as you can win (which usually takes about an hour or less).

My map farming team–which doubles as a soul-farming team, though it isn’t dedicated to that–can function in PVP, but only with difficulty. What’s more, those battles are very drawn-out, whereas the arena is much faster-paced. When I need souls and I’m out of challenges to do, the arena is where I go.

Great work @Skippygammons!
I wasn’t able to find your invite code unfortunately, could you double check it for me? I’ll send 15 Gems your way once I find it!


I found my error: BLACKGUARD_1

@Aelthwyn, I hadn’t considered altering my map farming team to include Terraxis. Very interesting idea! My current map farmers are Eternal Flame, Valkyrie, Alchemist, Banshee.

Question, though: Do you really get all that many souls out of using Terraxis? Seems like the battle would be over super quick, before the Valkyrie has had a chance to go off nine times and hit the soul cap.

I disagree in that arena is difficult for many players. It’s only worth it if they can win all the matches. I can, but not all are able.

Note: Brian the Lucky has a chance to raise Magic by 5. If he does, the number of casts goes down needed to get max souls. With two Brian’s, double the fun! Acolyte feeds Brian, plus if his magic gets buffed by Brian, you can fill both Brian’s each cast. You cover all colors with Brian, Acolyte, and Valkyrie.

You make a good point there. I think what it may come down to is player level. Once you hit level 100 and have adequate magic, the arena becomes a lot easier, and it’s easier still as you gain access to the high-mastery weapons–especially the dual-colored ones.

Still, for anyone who can win arena matches reliably, I think it’s hands-down the second-best way to win souls. And except when new kingdoms appear, for established players it’s the best.

There really is two guides I should make lol. A guide for beginners. A guide for vets. The Costumes and Arena have their own difficulty. 500 gems is a serious time sink. Level 100+ is another.

You’re perfectly right. That team wins a lot faster than the one with the banshee. So the Valkyrie gets many less occasions to cast her spell. My main purpose is to have fun and Terraxis is fun.
My favourite way to get souls is the arena.

I am not sure it is a question of weapons and magic. When I started doing arenas with my secondary character I was astonished to see how many teams were complete disasters in terms of choice of troops and of colours. In spite of my lvl 20-30, it was very easy for me to win just because I had some experience of the arena thanks to my main character. So the guides for the arena are surely most useful!

Gems are with you now!