Best way to grind souls?


allright so i finaly bought all the kingdom and got everyone of them to around level 4, i know PvP is a good source of more money in order to power up the kingdom some more, but what’s some good source of souls in order to gain some stars? so far i got a silver star in a few of them and a gold star in the kingdom i’m focusing the most

reading from other thread i seems to understand the best method involve the valkyrie unit but that i should also have her necromancy trait unlocked and karakoth and darkstone to level 10, is that right? what other unit should be involved?


I think this is the thread with a ton of options and theories. No need to wait to grind souls.


The “basic” soul cap per batle is 40 per battle.
Necromancy doesn’t allow you to go above, it simply helps you reach the cap faster it CREATES souls, as oppose to to the things that can MULTIPLY your souls per battle.

The only MULTIPLIERS that you can get are armor / difficulty / VIP system.
They will multiply the soul gains after the battle, meaning you can gain more than 40 souls, but you won’t need to create more than 40 souls.
For example, W3 difficulty brings soul +75% and dragon armor +50%
So, if you create 40 souls, you’ll get :
40 + 7540/100 + 5040/100 souls
= 40 + 30 + 20 souls
= 90 souls

The best soul CREATOR is Valkyrie, as it’s the only unit creating souls AND having its soul creating per cast scaling with its mgic level.
So to reach the 40 cap, you’ll want Valkyrie’s magic to be high.

For that, there are 3 things you can do outside of battle :

  • Getting your troop to level 15 (above levels ‘only’ give attack + armor + health)
  • Ascend your troop to mythic (ascending to legendary and mythic both gives 1 magic)
  • Raise the kingdom level of Darkstone and Karakoth

As I said before, necromancy helps you CREATE more meaning if you created 30 gems using Valkyrie’s spell and you have necromancy, you actually created 45 souls, but since it’s capped at 40, you will have 40 souls at the end of the battle.
Note that having necromancy multiple type helps (don’t remember exaclyt if, for 2 necromancy traits, it does 175%, 200% or 225%, you’ll find out that you won’t rely on this anyway).

In the end, you’ll find the cap to be painfully low, so what you’ll want is to get your Valkyrie’s magic level pumped and then just use it in a deck that allow you to finish your games fast : since it’s a “per battle” cap, you’ll want to end the battle before you reach the cap.

That’s where “other units” kicks in.
You want a deck that’ll kill fast.
Now, I don’t know what cards you have, but if you have Green Slime, there are very good decks using it with Valkyrie.


allright thanks guys