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Soul farming Help

I’m so tired of the crappy cards you get in the arena. Pvp and challenges don’t give out many at all. Even with Valkyrie in I’m getting less than 10 per battle. Challenges are all done so I don’t get but a couple there. Any help would be appreciated. Treasure maps are all spent too.

Arena’s a fair source for Souls, though best when equipped with the right armor.

You could also replay challenges or easy PvP battles with the “tried and true” farming team!

  • Alchemist
  • Valkyrie
  • Banshee
  • 4th Troop (This troop can be anything that doesn’t suck away man from the other troops (strongly recommended: Blue), best used in the 1st or 4th slots. Either Tanky in 1st, or Well-Synergized in 4th.)

If you’re looking for other team combinations for soul-farming, there’s a good few topics around here to check out, though a majority of suggested teams require Legendaries, so they may not work that well.

I have most legendaries. I do appreciate the help though. I’m just frustrated with the arena. I spent all this time getting my cards up to par, and now I don’t even use them. I only have vampire armor; but I think the 3 or four extra souls from celestial is not worth it for me atm.

Build a strong Valkyrie related team and farm the challenges already done!

Even better, target the challenges that give you the trait stones you need as well :smiley:

Depending on bonuses, armor and team you can easily get over 120 souls per challenge …

^^ that was with only 4 casts of Valkyrie, but my team has three troops with the 50% soul trait and this challenge was done on Warlord 3 !!


I think (?) you can only get that many souls with VIP bonuses (i.e. $$$ spent). (Or can you get there with a third necromancy traited character, such as KoS??)

Excluding VIP bonuses…I think the most you can get is 130 per battle (with Celestial Armour & Warlord IV difficulty).

For an easier choice, go for Warlord I (100 souls), Warlord II (110 souls) or Warlord III (120 souls).

Serpent/Griffon Rider, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Druid is a solid team for re-completing challenges. First level of Khetar & Khaziel are pretty straight forward, particularly when the traits are considered.

Skeleton / Green Slime / Valkyrie / something else

Try and get necromancy ability onto Valkyrie and the something else…

Then farm easy challenges or pvp…

Obviously, needs Green Slime which was an event epic so not everyone will have…

Skeleton, keeper of souls, valkyrie, green slime.

That’s my team, and it’s pretty darn reliable and fast.

Also check this ongoing thread for more ideas and advice!

I guess i should have mentioned that I need the souls for my xbox acct. My mobile accts are doing fine as of now. I will build a valkyrie central team for farming there.
Thanks for the replies

I’m using:

Anointed One

With dragon armor on Warlord 2 I get 90 souls per win if I get 4 Valk casts.

I’m using:

Hero (eternal flame)

on hard and get 70 souls every battle. It’s not the fastest team (it’s actually fairly slow) but it is very reliable and great for soul and gold farming. I also use it in PVP with a 95-99% winrate…

It also works just fine on warlord 1 and 2, but the rewards for the extra time you have to put in on warlord levels is just not worth it, IMHO…

In my experience its not really worth going all in on soul farming, since the most commonly suggested team with Alchemist, Valkyrie and Banshee is just painfully slow at killing the enemy. I personally prefer a team that uses just Valkyrie without the feeding support just to generate souls “by the way” while I farm challenges for traitstones. Basically just a normal team that has Valk in it but doesnt focus on her… but rather uses her to feed blue to something that deals damage.

My current setup is:

1 - Herdmaster - feeds every other charater with explosions, synergy with Soothsayer, has high attack thanks to trait
2 - Soothsayer - feeds other characters, boosts magic (specially good for Herdmaster and Valk)
3 - Valkyrie - generates souls, feeds blue to Druid
4 - Druid - main damage dealer

Among Herdmaster skulls atacks and Druid nukage, I can clear challenges very quickly and with Celestial Armor you only need one Valk activation per battle to get around 25-30 souls.

I’m using my hero, warlock, banshee, and zombie. I usually just do explore and I can get 172 souls per match on normal, 192 souls on hard, 232 souls on warlord II, and 252 souls on warlord III. I’m guessing warlord I would be 212 souls and warlord IV would be 272 souls, since it seems to go up by increments of 20 souls for each level.

That’s a 2 years old post.

Do you have a question about a soul farming team or are you responding to OP 2 years later?

My bad. It didn’t look like it was an old post. I didn’t see a year on the post, but I must have just overlooked it.

Never bought anything for live money. My soul farming team is:

Flesh Golem

TDS is the soul generator, others are taken for their Necromancy (traited, of course). Just charge TDS and don’t bother with enemy counterattacks (in most times). 3 strikes by TDS on Warlord I difficulty, and I have 287 souls. With Celestial armor, Lucky kitten and guild bonus applied. Yes, I need Pharos-Ra to replace Flesh Golem and gather even more souls.