Questions about farming and souls (Display Bug)

So I’ve read that somewhere (can’t remember where) that there is a maximum amount of souls winnable from a battle. However, I have watched my friend lose a battle and receive 300+ souls (he’s still really low level, no vip with the starting armor). So I was wondering if there was a maximum amount of souls/gold/maps you could get per match, and if it differed based on if you won or lost. Currently I’ve been grinding a challenge mission with Sooth/Tyri/Valk/Dryad and just letting the enemies kill me once I am satisfied where I"m at.

The cap is 40*multiplier.

Since I believe Warlord IV gives a max bonus of 125% and the highest armor bonus is 100%, you’re looking at a max of 325% or 130 Souls. That’s it per round.

Now if he had completed a challenge or was cashing out the Arena, you may see numbers larger than that but that would be the only way.

So he was on a challenge but he lost (on purpose). He still received all 300+ souls for it however, is it possibly a oversight for losses to not have the max cap applied? He was playing on normal mode.

This is one of those cases where a screenshot would really help.

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I am attempting to replicate it, but it takes time to get valkyrie to make that many souls. I couldn’t screenshot what he did since it was on his PC and I was just sort of looking over (after having noticed he was on the same match for 30mins). I’ll report back if I manage to recreate it.

Print Screen takes a screenshot. Open Paint afterward and choose Paste so you can save it.

Confirming that losing the battle somehow allows you to break the cap. I was playing this particular battle on Warlord II, and it took me between 16 and 18 casts to reach that many souls (any more and I would have just killed everything with cascades). I forgot to check if my blessed trait hit magic or not. This is more than likely a bug and will be fixed, so I wouldnt bank on it as your primary farming method. Finishing repeat challenges awards souls much faster - the same team I used here would have granted me capped souls @ 120 for just casting valk two times and quickly finishing the challenge, taking me about 2 minutes, where the above took me around 15 as I carefully avoided trying to kill the opposing team. Keep in mind that Necromancy bonuses also dont apply if your Valk/necromancy troop dies, so you are going to need 1.5 to 2x the number of casts to reach the same number of souls before you’d even start to benefit here (depending on if you are using 1 or 2 necromancy troops).

Well… let’s see if this is just for PvP then as well as PC/Console.

Might be a bug with challenges and not pvp though.

That was a challenge. It was on PC. I’ve heard prior reports about losses not giving the correct amount of souls, in PvP, though, so the issue may warrant further investigation.


So I grinded for a bit, but I made sure to note my souls and gold before I started. It seems the screen is simply wrong and it does not give you what it says.

I started with 1577 gold and 1605 souls. I fought and lost to the challenge on purpose (this was on a pad, not PC, though my friend did it on PC). After the match I had 1706 gold and 1645 souls. So I gained 129 gold and 40 souls. That was on normal for the challenge. Seems that it’s not quite broken, but the screen reports the wrong numbers.

I’m not sure if my previous post was taken down for some reason, so I’ll post the screenshot again.

I checked my gold and souls before the match: 1577 gold and 1605 souls.
After the match it was: 1706 gold and 1645 souls.
Net gain of: 129 gold and 40 souls.

This was done on normal, valkryie has no traits, in about 12 minutes I’d guess.

Also Mithran, not everyone can grind those souls as quickly or easily as you, so I was hoping to use the method to gain souls at a decent rate, though it seems this method just has a glitchy screen and does not actually reward the gold/souls shown.

EDIT: Also, this was done on a pad, not a PC. My friend did it on PC (not sure if he actually received the proper amount of souls or not.)

No armor bonus, Normal. Did forget to check the starting number, but should be easy enough to try again since I’m getting 10 souls a casting.

Yeah, it’s just a bug in the display screen as after checking the totals, I only scored the 40 allowable.

So, almost, but the cap is still working as intended, win or lose.

A level 15-16 Valk should have 4 magic, meaning untraited and unbuffed, you’ll need 9 casts of her and the four kills (or 10 casts) to hit thencap. A surviving valk necromancy only needs six casts and the four kills to cap, providing they survive the battle. I’d highly recommend getting necromancy on Valk as one of your first traits. It is slightly cheaper to get Necromancy on Zombie and Flesh Golem, but these are harder to make work in a Valk group. Two necromancy traits also stack (even with two valks), letting you reach the cap that much faster.

I recommend leaving the mass soul farming until you have a level 18 valk and all four magic kingdoms to level 10 - this gives you 9 magic, which is enough to cap in 3 casts with 1 necromancy troop (valk), or two if you have two surviving necromancy troops, which is about the fastest you can get. Theres also what most of us did for the majority of the game - stick Valk in every single team you use pretty much no matter what for a long loong time. Arena and Treasure Hunt could also be decent options at your level, even if you have to farm the maps.

A decent lower level team (if you’ve finished wild plains) is Valk/Soothsayer/Sunweaver/xx in some order - Valk in the front with yellow red banner means 2-3 matches to fill for the first time and feed Sunweaver, who buffs Valk and Valk then only requires one match to recharge. Soothsayer also works up front (still yellow/red, just loop cast soothsayer as much as possible to get more magic faster), and the third troop can be whatever to cover the missing color - Skeleton in front works nicely, Boar Rider in the back or second is also good. Tyri could also work well. I’ve also used Zombie in the front here - safer and more necromancy bonus, but since he eats skulls, you could have a hard time cleaning up. Depending on who you use, they should be enough to get you a decent amount of souls you play instead of extending the fight just to farm. Theres also the classic of Treant/Alch/Valk/Banshee, but this will tend to be slower as the main reason to cast valk is to set up for Banshee, which sometimes takes some waiting or clearing to do.

I appreciate the tips for grinding in the lower levels. I been map grinding since that gets me a lot of souls/cash, and when I really need souls I’ll do arena since I can usually get 8 wins. I mostly do pvp since I feel like I have a team I’m satisfied with (Sooth/Mist Stalker/Dryad). I’ll try out the Valk team for completing kingdoms, but I’ll need to grind some souls beforehand since I only have soothsayer levelled up decently, valk is only 5 and sunweaver I don’t even have yet.

EDIT: Does armor effect the amount of gold/souls you’ll get from rewards like winning in pvp, winning arena (the 500 souls award) or completeing a map?

If the armor has a multiplier on it then yes it will. (Except the map)

So even the 500 souls you earn from arena? If so then it seems very worth to just save gems early on and get something like spider armor.

I’d recommend buying the lowest +gold armor asap, then save gems to get a 250 gems armor. Getting your kingdoms to lvl 10 will increase the chance of winning in pvp and decrease the time it takes which gets you more souls than getting a low +soul armor.

@Shiratori: I think the better way is to buy this 50 gems +gold armour, but then go straight for the 500 gems armour - unless you want to pay real money for the Deathknight (if I remember correctly the name) bundle of course. At least that’s what I did.