Farming Souls - Game Limits?

Has the game changed with 2.0 and souls farming? I just got a “2 Brians and Valkyrie” to go on a tear, getting the Valyrie up to 1000 magic and casting her spell at least 20 times. Was expecting lots of souls. Got 170. Are there limits? I just put 20 minutes into that round expecting big results. :frowning:

there has always been a cap, 40 souls on normal i believe, multiplied by multiplier in top left

Yes, souls are capped at 40 per battle multiplied by what ever your soul multiplier is (shows in the map screen under your portrait.

EDIT: Ninja’d by about 5 seconds…

jinx! lol gotcha

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makes sense, i guess, warlord IV, at 4.25x souls. thats 170. cheers (Brian).

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